Thursday, July 16, 2009

Amalan cara hidup yang sihat

Ever since pindah ofis ni I nak mulakan azam baru untuk makan secara seimbang dengan at least takde la makan merapu-rapu kan. Breakfast tak tentu....makan snack macam haram. Besides, the job is a more permanent one, so there's no such thing as working odd hours your meal times get confused every so often.

And since I am already in the routine as an early riser, I brought my own breakfast to office...

No biggie, just a simple peanut butter sandwich. Take two piece of wholemeal bread and slab the peanut butter spread in between...voila!!!! Masterpiece!

I have enough for snack later as well, sebab tak abis pun breakfast hari ni.

*My new collegue bagi nasi goreng....boleh? Dengan chicken wing....sigh*

But then....

Bukan aku sorang je yang hype on mengamalkan cara hidup sihat. This company provide fruits everyday after lunch at the breakout area and everyone is welcome to have one.

Today's fruit is a green apple. Semalam banana. Thoughtfull kan?

Which means to say...though we're in a shopping mall, tak semestinya harus munch on junk food. Good message don't you think?

I want to have one too. Starting tomorrow.

Wink wink.


shasha said...

free food?? suka suka...hahaha.

puterikurekure said...

hari2 ada buah?
best tu zue.
makin cantek la kulit ko ek.

(aku jeles!)

Zuraida said...

aaa.......tau takpe.....

SJ said...

ahhh menarik. i wanna work there too