Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back in Town from The Islands.....

Kalau takde aral melintang, by now I should be back in KL. I am suppose to board a 5pm flight from KB to KL with the rest of the babes and I bet we will all be exhausted....and happy.


I love beach holidays. Even if I spend one day at the beach I would surely feel heavenly for the next couple of days. I hope this short bliss will last till after raya, in which then I can start planning for my year end holidays. Sigh. Hajat di hati nak spend Xmas at home with the rest of the family but then who knows kan, plans might change at the very last minute.


Kalau tomorrow pergi spa pun best jugak kan? Since my initial plan with Cik Kiah dah cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, so now I have the whole two day off all to myself.Hmmmm...takkan nak lock up myself in the cinema....nak tengok cerita apa????

Public Enemy?

Oh my...Johnny Depp sangat hot jadi penyamun. Hmmmm.... maybe that idea is not so bad after all.If any of you wants to chill with me do ring me.


P/s : Maybe you guys won't see the holiday pics here till much much later. So go visit Peeja, Nonoy and Farah's page ok.


shasha said...

bila start reporting kat tempat baru babe?

Penari.Gendut said...

Oh syioknya! Ya, mesti penat gilosss lepas holiday (island gateways especialy), balik rumah terus terbongkang tidur..haha

Now I can't wait for the pictures!!

Dengki niiii

Cik Kiah said...

benci tau...kalau tak mlm ni i dah dpt fresh news from the island...


Nonoy said...

best sgt pegi sana. i love u kak zue!!
kita akan pegi lagi..
terengganu kito!