Friday, July 17, 2009

Back to Being a Coffee Addict

Who the hell say "bad habits die hard" is very wise. Sigh. I have recently reacquired a very bad habit - indulging in coffee , in huge quantities - which means that I am now exceeding my average daily cuppa intake of limited to max of 2 cups a day.

I is rich in anti-oxidents. Maya Karin keep on repeating that line every day in both the radio and the tube, like over and over again. But overdosing is really bad.

Coz whare the heck do you think all my lemak tepu came from???

To tell you the truth nescafe or kopi susu adalah my favourite tea time drink. Not to mention I have a wild fascination over Starbucks uber rich frappucino's and Coffee Bean's weekend breakfast....I am definitely a big fan of coffee.

Back in my audit days I use to take between 8 to 10 cups a day, in which proves very harmfull now on the amount of cellulite and orange peel I have on my thigh.

*And losing them is such a bitch. tak percaya try la adik-adik sekalian, yang kuat minum coffee tu....ko tunggu la 5 tahun lagi tengok apa jadi...boleh?*

Back then I was a professed addict....

Tips to look out for...signals of an addict. But then tak dinafikan la that huge amount of caffein can keep you going on for hours on and, and if you don't have the stomach to indulge on food, you will be stick thin.

There are also some crazy celebrities who actually swore on caffein diet. But I don't see the point. Caffein overdose age the skin faster. Not good either.

Back when I moved to my prior employer I start cutting down...

And was introduced to tea! Chinese tea!

But then, tea is neither as exciting nor as bold as coffee.

Now that I am back on early morning routines and need to stay up all day, I realise that I am back to one cup per every 4 hour block....

That makes 2 mugs per in the morning and one after lunch. Let's just hope I don't go wacko of overdose...

Will be mindfull of the intake come next week forward....maybe I should get a smaller mug?

It's Friday peeps!Have a good weekend y'all!

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shasha said...

me too...satu hari tak minum nescafe rasa ada benda kurang..tapi aku limitkan diri pada 2 mug sehari...not more...