Friday, July 10, 2009

Beach Essentials......

Kalau nak bersoka ria kat tepi pantai, there are some beach essentials yang we must never ever forget to bring along. nanti tak pasal pasal balik muka terbakar terseksa jiwa dan raga....


Kalau semua essential things dah ada, baru boleh berjoli tanpa ragu-ragu, aite?

The utmost important thing to bring to the beach is......SUNSCREEN.

Besides the fact that I grew up in a country beriklim khatulistiwa and heat and sun is already part and parcel engraved underneath my skin, having proper sun protection is very important to combat premature aging. The thing is prolonged sun exposure not only damage the skin, it accelerates aging as well, so kalau tak jaga betul-betul, bersedia la nak menghadapi wrinkles and fine lines sebelum tiba waktunya.

Wearing proper sun protection is in fact a very good practice to be maintained on a daily basis...tak semestinya pergi pantai je baru nak pakai. Sebab even when we are in the city, we are still exposed to harmful UV rays. But then since we're heading to the beach, there is definitely a more pressing need!

Get ready with heavy duty sunscreen, preferably SPF50 and above. For medium tan skin like mine, SPF50++ can last between 3 to 5 hour upon application, so do get reminded to constantly re-apply them from time to time. Kalau plan for a day in the water or heavy activities, better get one with water or sweat resistant.

*plus nanti boleh la mintak tolong sapu-sapu....heheheheh....damn*

Beach essential number 2 is.....jeng jeng jeng.....SUNNIES!!!!!!

Wajib ada, tak kisah la mahal ke murah ke yang penting boleh cover mata. I will be bringing along my Aldo sunnies yang sangat setia menemani saya over the past couple of fact dah merata-rata he's been with me.....philippines, vietnam....and now....perhentian!!!! yeeehaaaah!!!!!!

I love having sunnies around especially during the mid day when the sun is on top of your head and glaring, plus macam agak cool je snap pics with sunnies. So go get one!

Third thing on my must have list is......a BOOK!

Well, a book is not really a beach essential. Its my travel essential. So in between waiting time boleh catch up with the chic flick or suspense thriller you have been missing for months. I have a couple of books at home yang dah tangkap abuk but still haven't been read....among them is my Jodi Picoult's Nineteen Minutes and another Tony Parson title.....which meant that I don't need to head to MPH to grab a book but just chuck one in my travelling bag.

Other beach essentials for the fashionistas on the go......

Kalau sampai bawak bola tu agak mengada-ngada la kan...hahahaah...tapi kalau ada pun agak fun...

I use to remember those days back in school when I never bother about sunscreen and the main thing me and my friends must bring to the beach is the beach volleyball. Oh my, dulu banyak je gambar-gambar main beach volleyball. Sigh. Sangat suka!

Tapi tahap vain melampau and takut ageing cepat dah melanda, and prevention is better than cure (this is wisdom speaking).Adik- adik sekalian......sila jangan lupa bawak sunscreen, no matter how excited you are about beach volleyball okeh! Because its no fun getting a burnt skin.

*Phobia lepas Wei Liew kena sunburn teruk sebab tertido atas deck kat Phuket....damn. Horror sampai hari ni!*

Last but not the least...keep H20 handy so that you get proper hydration all day long.....

Ini penting so that kita tak mati kering.......hahahahaha, dehydration is a killer baby! Don't you ever forget that!

And travel light!!!!!

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