Sunday, July 5, 2009

Di Phuture @ Zouk on a Saturday Night

Selingan : tadi tengok Nona ada footage wedding Darling Ngasri.....she is so beautiful!!!! And the wedding was nice to....tetiba je ada hint of jealousy. Sob sob. I hate this feeling...damn.

Selingan takde makne.


Yesterday was at Zouk with my buddies...too bad Wei Liew and Wen Chu can't make it! Huarrrgh!!!!!Takpe-takpe, Wen Chu kata on Thursday kita keluar celebrate my last day, lagi!!!!!!! Aku suke.

Was in Zouk by 11pm and OMG, its jammed packed. But before apa-apa everyone has to pass the temperature test sebab Zouk is having a flu awareness campaign against H1N1.....first time dowh masuk kelab kena check temperature. Hahahaha.... kalau pass, boleh masuk pintu and kena pakai sticker ini....

The thing is the place is very very crowded to a point that nak jalan pun takde space. Macam mana tu??? Don't even talk about tempat duduk la, if you can even find a table kira your lucky sebab kerusi semua kalau bukan VIP memang tak de la.

Point to note: next time kalau nak masuk tempat ni kena masuk VIP list. Macam mana tu?

That night I stand all night...on 4 inches killer heels.

Menyesal.....hari ni rasa sakit nak mati.

That night we celebrated a another birtday its like dual celebration!!!

That's Brenda and the Birthday Boy. Say hi to other bloggers yo!!!

When we first arrived we joined Brenda but then we were placed at the middle of the way up to the reservation area. Orang semua lalu lalang tanpa can't move without being pushed. Tak percaya ke crowded nak mati???

Ini buktinya!!!!!

Anyways, boyfriend Komala naik tensi. Hahahahaah. So dia magickan kitorang naik atas, walaupun abang bouncer macam toye je tak nak kasi naik.

This is the crowd at the upper mezzanine.....can u spot Lee Chong Wei, the national badminton player????

We got a place next to these...

Cashier box! Hahahahaah...first time aku dok kat cashier. Hahahahaah. But at least kat sini banyak space untukbersoka ria, so takpe.....

I have to give Haresh the utmost credit for being there. This guy almost tore a ligament on yesterday's football match but still make an appearance.

I showed him my fake eyelashes.

You tau apa dia kata????

"Look at mine.....its au natural..."

Damn can you compete with that? I hate you! Hahahahahaah!Fine!

Yang paling tak tahan is that...orang yang hampir koyakkan ligamen tu ligat je menari bila lagu Michael Jackson keluar...

Okay this side of him I have never seen before.

Anyways, I had fun....

Thanks babes. It was great.

Okay, got to go now. Lapar nak mati okay and my lunch date is here. Mwahs mwahs!!!


shasha said...

tak nampak pun lee chong wei....hehehehhe

Zuraida said...

ko tak nampak je tu golap tu....bukan aku sorang je boleh verufy, semua ngan aku boleh jadi saksi okeh!!!whatever la. bukannye aku berparty ngan dia pon...hehehehe...