Thursday, July 23, 2009

District 9 - Do Yopu Think Human's and Alien's Can Co-Exist?

So the question is, can humans and alien's co-exist????

*If its as cute as this one???*

*or as blue as this one?*

*or maybe the most handsome around???*

Or would we be scared and discriminate?

To me it'll be cool to have an alien neighbour, so long that we all can understand how to co-exist in in our own multi-cultural society here in Malaysia.

But then lets say that we do take certain things for granted and out of fear, or zealousness or greed, in some way tried to take advantage of the other, what will happen???

If the question interest you and you're a sci-fi buff, this movie might enlighten many....

Directed from the very people who made X-Men Origins possible, comes Neill Blomkamp’s newest film, District 9. The movie revolves on an alien refugee settlement set up in South Africa's District 9, which camps the remaining survivor aliens from another planet.

As the world argues over what to do to these lot refered to as "non-humans", a private company , Multi National Unit (MNU), was given the mandate to maintain control over the aliens - and if they manage to make any of the alien weapons to work.....they get in return, a lot of dosh!

That's simply cruel. Taking adavntages of others for own benefit. But then too bad for them, nothing they did ever work. None of their test ever brings good bearings because to activate the weapons, alien DNA is required.....and it was all dead end till....

One of their very own agent is contracted with a virus that alters the human DNA sequence to non-human.

Now that "one" particular human is on the run....

I heard rave reviews on the net over the CGI used...and I found it really interesting. Apart from the humanitarian message, I believe this would be the next must watch for the month....on top of Harry Potter, Public Enemies...and of course, The Ghost of Girlfriend's Past in which I will be happily watching today at TGV OU!

So Nuffnang dearie, can I get the free tix now????


shasha said...

hehehhe...selalu dapat free tix la kamu nih..

Zuraida said...


kalau nak tix free sila selalu2 la layan nuffnang blog tu ye...ada je contest that gives away free tix!