Friday, July 10, 2009

The Farewell

Terkejut ka suddenly ada entry?

Hahahha!Eventhough I don't have my lappy,I have my mobile that allows me to blog on the go.Cheewah!!

Well the day had been a blast.Asyik makan,makan and makan and since bfast tak keluar even a dime.Hehehe.Okeh,aku terharu.Ada jugak orang yang sayang mau belanja as I move on to other places.Hehehe.

Piccas tak load lagi.Nanti-nantila,coz I need a lappy.Sekarang ni rasa penat nak mati,coz I've been out partying since wednesday and my total hours of shut eye is less than 4 hours.


Jangan terbabas cukup.Mampus aku kena bambu ngan nonoy nanti.I better go rest then.


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