Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally,melepak with che kiah

I spent my final 2 days of not working at home.First and foremost because I feel very very tired,secondly hajat di hati nak kemas umah...but then I end up sleeping my day off.

But then sempat jugak melepak ngan noy,peej and liza semalam kat oldtaste,reminiscing about abang preet preet and our fabulous island getaway.

I bet u guys had gotten the scoop from other blogger babes,so maybe later when i get my hands on a machine I'll give u a brief overview je.Besides,most of the nicer pics is with farah and peeja.


Mau pergi lagi.

Hehehehe. Hari ni setelah penat tido I had a late lunch cum dinner with Che Kiah. Finally,aku jumpa jugak ko ye?Walaupun muka ko agak penat sebab sehari suntuk bekerja,I felt great sebab ko rajin melayan celoteh aku yang sunyi ni.Cheewah!!!

Anyways,tomorrow is my first day at work.

Wish me luck!