Friday, July 17, 2009

Gonna go drown myself in a sea of books....

Though the idea to run to the cinema and catch HP is tempting, the length of the movie is too long for a lunch hour scurry. It will go on for 2 and a half hours....which is a bit too much la kalau newbie like me nak pergi cilok pun. So in between multi tasking on a couple of new task, I made up my mind to spend the long lunch hour at Boarders instead....

*semangat dowh kalau library macam ni*

Bukannya apa, got some new stuff to look into and I know absolutely zilch about it, so I suppose this is the time to actually open up a book and learn about it. Nak tanya orang pun takde yang specialise in it....or is there actually someone who is an expert on Funds Transfer Pricing out there???

*maybe not? then back to Plan A - the books, instead*

Okay, not that I can't google...butI tried google and my search results are too broad. Being me I just love the old textbook back in school, so that I don't have tp squint my eyes staring at a blaring screen.

*Not that I have a small screen....mak punya desktop 17 inci okey sekarang ni....maybe its bigger la....sebab font size 10 pun suddenly macam besar nak mati!!!heheheheh!!!*

But then if there is an expert among all of you out there....I am sending out and S.O.S signal.... sila la tolong saya!!!!!!!

*damsel in distress mode*

But do not fret! Hari ni Friday! Friday adalah hari bersuka ria sebab esok tak kerja! Whatever it is that burdens us (work-wise) boleh carry forward to Monday.....coz Monday is a huge bummer!!!!!!

Apa da.....tak ada kaitan langsung.

Anyway, wish me luck. Hopefully if I can find a good book takde la aku ni menyuluh dalam terang.


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shasha said...

waahh...back to school la nampaknya...takpe..esok cuti...leh bgn lambat...