Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Huish...macam tak pernah jumpa makanan...sekarang menyesal?

Went out for lunch with Ika today and since dia dah sound nak try this yong tau foo outlet yesterday, so hari ni tak payah separuh mati nak fikir nak lunch kat mana. We head there straight when lunch hour starts.

*and yeah, since lately I macam tak berkira makan apa kan, so as long as there is food and my stomach wont churn 360 degrees, I am practically okay with anything*

*ini sekadar gambar hiasan....ihsan dari Google*

I picked up 5 pieces of yong tau foo and added clear soup to it, and had one piece of char koay on top of that as carbs of the day. Oh my, once I am done with it I rasa bloated nak if I ate too much....padahal ada 5 pieces of yong tau foo je in the noodles or rice.

*yeap - i pilih 1 stuff terung, one fried foocook, 1 fishball and 2 fishcake - thats like very few compared to my normal average person*


Despite feeling full, I tapau'ed a piece of fried red bean bun for later.

Keji tak?

Damn. I don't even have the appetite for all this but I am forcing food in like a monster. Because if I don't, then I won't be eating. And not eating is not good.

Sekarang dah overfed....menyesal?

Hopefully my weight keep on going down, despite all this. People, do pray for me.


shasha said...

heheheh...mana aci kalo kamu sorang je kurus babe...aku yg makin bertambah selera nak makan...perut tak bole kosong kalo tak angin...leceh leceh...

Zuraida said...

hahahaha...apa tak aci?

makan small portions many many times, instead of the standard portion....aku rasa makinlama perut makin kecik okay ikut nasihat doktor ni.

sila cuba.