Saturday, July 11, 2009

Its about time I learn how to cook properly.....

I need a new hobby. I have been thinking a lot lately and I think its about time I should take up cooking seriously. In fact, now its not about learning to cook out of necessity anymore, I think that if I want to simply enjoy good food, it must be more rewarding to have it done by my own bare hands....

*Zuraida bossing the kitchen...keep out*

Back then my mom always tell me not to fret about not knowing how to cook because "we'll simply learn it when we get married'. Easy for her to say, she got married at 18. I am 10 years older and the only cooking skills I know is I suppose its time I add baking and what not to my cooking credentials.

Don't worry...I cut onions just fine.

At times I do feel jealous of my friends who can cook. Like Tina, she can cook masak lemak cili api okey....she can practically make them herself anytime she wants it. I'm green with envy.

Here I want to note some online cooking sites that interest me. I always had it bookmarked, rarely printed any recipe's from them unless I have to. Among them are....

My Recipe.Com

Dari Teratak Lelayong

Oh....that's just it....hahahha...macam banyak gile. Haahahhaa. Anyways, My Recipe.Com has thousands of recipe in it , semua jenis local dish ada sana, and I had fun trying one round of dish which turns out absolutely I heart that site.

You guys can try them too...

And maybe later bila I dah terrer then bolehla ajak semua datang makan-makan. Wait, I got to equipt my dapur first. And get new pinggans and cawans.


And sudu's.



Mrs LVoe said...



sha slalu try new recipe from there. pasnie leh jadi gud cooker. happy learning dear ;-)

shasha said...

babe..aku volunteer jadi tukang rasa...hahahahh

Zuraida said...

dear sha,
thanks...nanti i cuba okeh.

amboi....rase je nak ye. Kito boli kat kodai je la!hahahahah!