Thursday, July 30, 2009

Its the end of the day already???

Time flew damn fast today. Sigh. Bagus, takde la bosan menatap PC with very low motivation level kan, during the training sempat jugak kepala ni melayang ke angan-angan indah...

Sigh. The point at the end of the day satu je - make one good decision now and the rest will flow in place.

Which is a good message by the way. Can be applied both profesionally and personally.

Will keep that in mind and in check. Maybe if I can do good by it I will share it with the rest of the world someday. Knowing me selalunya benda-benda motivational macam ni semuanya macam hangat-hangat tahi ayam je kan. But then this is the time to change. To start something anew. Maybe this will be a good stepping stone that will somehow bring better things in life.

Who knows. Always think positive, kan?

Esok Friday!!!!Yeay!!!!!

I'll be spending the weekend at my mom. It's the one fateful weekend I should keep myself composed and not drive myself to the wall, so I am taking it all in like a women.

Strong, poised, with full of dignity.

I have my pride you know. And its not going to go down just because of crap like this.

I am trying to hold on a few good thoughts, and one very good thought is tonight's movie night out with Komala (and Wen Chu, maybe...and perhaps Jac jac....she's always around for a good movie).

Buzz you guys on the movie tomorrow. You have a good day!


shasha said...

have a good days ahead babe~!

ShirVen said...

chiayok girl! you can do it!