Monday, July 13, 2009

Its Monday Y'all and I'm on Holiday

Gambar takde makne. If I ever have a cat then my cat will happily fill this page....but I don' I borrow someone else's from the world wide web.

Comelkan? Cat-deer (Cat + reindeer). Makes you think of Xmas.

What should I do today????

Maybe I should clear some of the clutter at home.....

*yeah imagine endless piles like this even the mouse got lost inside it...not that I have any mouse but then literally*

Maybe its a good time to do spring cleaning. I did finish a bunch of laundry last week. Then maybe I should sort out the things I can wear and stuff.

Oh yes, and I also need to shop.

Get new working clothes.

Get new make-up.

*shoot myself....hahahahah....kidding.*


Thinking twice I now realise I actually have a lot of things to do.

1 comment:

shasha said...

work from home kira holiday gak la kan kan?..hehehe