Friday, July 17, 2009

Laid back Friday?

As I walked in to the office today I can see that everyone is in a cheery Friday mood...and in casuals. Sigh. Totally forgotten that we all can "dress down" on Fridays. So I end up being the only one in a tailored skirt.

Takpe la. Not that I am naked.

*evil grin. I bet ramai yang pengsan if I was ever naked. Especially that stupid MIM girl/guy*

I have a couple of things to attend today. Finally. Work. And I'm loving it. Hahahahaha. Keeps my brain working. Finally out of the cemetry where it has been kept cold and 6 feet under.

*first time korang dengar aku excited ada kerja ye? sangat keji*

Anyways, there's a lot to learn...and I'm psych coz its new things.


Plus we have extended lunch hour today. *evil grin*. Maybe I should go and catch up on HP.



puterikurekure said...

brape jam rehat tu yang?
tolong tgkkan HP untuk aku ek.

shasha said...

seronok bekerja?? itu adalah satu tanda tak bagus...tsk..tsk...
heheheh...takde la babe...semoga bersemangat selalu hendaknya...