Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lepas ni kena rajin bangun awal-awal pagi....

Not that all this while I asyik bangun tengahari okeh.Hahahaha. Its just that my house has always been near to the office, so minus the jam and the ability to get ready in under 10 minutes (on most days), I usually get to get extra "sleeping" time.

Thus I tend to snooze , and snooze and snooze my alarm clock.

Now that my new office will be in Bangsar, I have to start getting use to waking up early in the morning so that I can clock in at 8.30am sharp! Knowing my future employer that takes clocking in on time seriously, its best that I get this one right.

So from now on kena practice bangun awal and keluar rumah by 7.45am. That should give me ample time to reach office by 8.30am.

Work starts on Wednesday. Nervousnye.

1 comment:

shasha said...

masalah aku pulak hari2 bgn awal..termasuk la weekend...apa kes pagi sabtu kul 7 dah celik..tak syok langsung...