Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Only I am capable of making Me Happy

This is something we should all live by....

At least to keep our spirits up. Have not ever thought of putting it that way till I found the pics in google.

In which brings to a lot of wise words such as....

....forgive and forget.....no matter how hard it is, so your heart can be free....

....karma will always get back at you....so work on good karma. At least if it doesn't benefit you know your children won't go through such pains because of you.....

.....deep inside you are stronger than this....and this would somehow make sense after a while. So do not give up on yourself.

.....no other person can make you happy than yourself. Others can only make you happy if you let them to, it also work otherwise.

In some way I see happiness as a drug in my system in which at this point, is running low. I need an injection, a return to faith. In which case I should have realised long ago that it is somewhat impossible to ever run out in the first place, because as opposed to being depressed and sad....there is a high probability to be happy in many different ways....

I just have to find one way. One simple joy.

And most probably everything else will come in place.

Because back then nothing scares me. Okay, not that I have no fear....literally I am independant and face each day with courage to a point that I don't let others hold me back.

Why should I let one person deprive me of the happiness I deserve?

Although its one person against the world.....there is always one small thing that can make me smile.

*like eva's pics. darn cute. made me smile all morning.....i have to get more of those...*

So I shouldn't stop trying....not now.

I am definitely stronger than this. *chant chant*

You know what will make me really happy now???

Oh yeah....my own lappy.Lepas tu boleh berarah ke misis jadi blogger tegar....



iekaz said...

this is a gud one! :)

shasha said...

haa...marilah sama2 menjadi blogger tegar...mari marii~!!

Mrs LVoe said...

a good piece :-) thanks dear!

ERMAYUM said...

Happy is very subjective. u re right only u can make u happy. Life is a roller coaster ride. u re so young so live yr life and take things easy.

Zuraida said...

im glad ulike it!

bvoleh boleh...apa event kita seterusnya?

sha LVoe,
thanks. hope it cheers u up! jangan tension2 okay!

that is so true. thanks.