Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Out with Era hunting gifts.....

I buzzed Era early Sunday morning in an attempt to restrain myself from calling my ex. In fact, I called almost everyone in my phonelist so that I wont dial his number...like several times non-stop.


At 11am my phone buzzed.

Era - sms : Whats up babe?


I called her up. At first intended to catch a movie. But then when we reached OU all shows we wanted will only start at 1.50pm and we cant make it coz Era need's to leave by 3pm.


So, we shop instead.

Okay, more like I help her shop.

*grin - I don't think retail therapy will do me any good at this juncture. It will hurt my purse pretty bad, plus it road tax month. Sigh*

She need's to get something for a farewell barbeque luncheon later, and she goes on and on about how wacky her ex-collegue is and so it hit me.....

If he's that crazy why don't we get Mr P stuff?

She shot me a blank look.

Hahahahahah...she never heard of Mr P.


We went around, and found it at a gift shop at 2nd floor and she instantly love it. Wanna see what we got?



Cute ain't it?

I personally love the lamp!


After we got the gifts, I grabbed a few something something at La Senza (it was on sale!!!And I get to have extra discount being a OneCard member and all) and had coffee jelly frappucino at Starbucks.


At least half of the day went off in a breeze.



shasha said...

nice gift...hehehe...aku pun suka tgk lamp dia tuh

Zuraida said...

hahahah...yeah...aku sangat soka lampu tu...

kalau tensi tensi boleh cantas je on and off button dia. hahahaha...