Monday, July 27, 2009

Passing stage 2, and though I am starting to obses on things....i try my best NOT TO!

I am starting to get myself back!

Thank God!

I think all the tears I have had dried up...and though its still pains me, I am now moving forward one step at a time. No more begging nonsense....I am psyching myself for better things in life that I can simply achieve on my own. Like....

- bungee jumping! wo!biggest fear ever!
- travelling the world! I would save my money, travel my way....and no one is stopping me....
-looking my best - the best make-up, the coolest wardrobe....and no man nagging that I somewhat overspend or shop too much or its such a waste....

That, among others.

So there's a lot to be excited about.

I am passed stage 2 of the whole breakup deal and in amidst obsessing with stuff...all lucid and demented in its own ways but mostly, I think they are fears. So I vow that this week onwards, I am going to bravely face it and get it over and done with....and hopefully I can skip "denial".

*or maybe I've done denial at stage 1 but then didn't realise it. I won't want to go through would suck!*

Anyways, cherry of the day is my newly acquired Sophie Kinsella book...

*oh so looking forward to it*

Agak timely okeh the release of the book, as if she knew I needed guidance and this is her gift to me...because she is telling the story how a girl can get her life back!


You go girl! Me love you mucho!

Though its a slight dejavu to Ghost of Girlfriend Past (coz in the book, the main character is also guided by a dead relative), I bet Sophie can take my mind off things, bring new perspective and somehow make me smile.


Another milestone today...I finally finished my lunch! Every single bite of it!

*my curry mee lunch*

Ok, the serving is not that big. But at least I finish the whole thing....rather than makan sesuap dua je.....hip hip hooray!

My appetite has been on the low side lately that so far I have shed 3.4kgs in total...since the whole ordeal about 10 days back. There's a positive and negative side to it....but the good thing is baju i semua dah muat balik.

*In which I am oh-so-grateful!Save!Tak payah beli baju baru!...for now*

But no worries...I amtrying to eat healthily but substituting my lack of appetite to broken down small meals every 3 hours or so...which keeps my stomach a-ok.

*if this goes on steadily for another month....hahahaha...mak nanti gorjes dan ada bikini sape yang menyumpah seranah badan aku awal bulan haritu sila bersedia untuk kejutan*


OKk, dah lari topik.

I better get back to work. I have a presentation to finish.


AkUfiZA™ said...

hepi to hear that u'r covering from that nitemare :D

go girl .. :D

Cik Kiah said...

u go girl!

chia yok!

Zuraida said...

oh thanks cuik AkuFiza and Cik Kiah....