Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reasearch founds that Men Have to Ejaculate More to Increase Sperm Quality

I found this interesting. There is actually a conclusive study that says men should ejaculate daily to lower the risk of damaged sperms to make ovulation more successful.

*does that mean that fertile men "have" to ejaculate daily?if you don't then less sperm quality?*

The article further quotes;

"Daily ejaculation not only boosted sperm quality for most of the men, it also helped sperm motility -- another big factor in successful fertilisation -- even though volumes of semen declined."

and that....

"The research did not investigate whether the improvement in sperm quality led to better pregnancy rates. But previous work has shown that sperm that is less damaged and more mobile has a better chance of leading to a healthy baby"

Interesting aite?

Now there's something to prove that its not necessarily women has to chip in more to get a baby, men has to do a lil bit of something-something too.

Maybe some of you can put the theory to test aite?


shasha said...

hmm...nampaknya aku kena bagitau en husband suruh berusaha lebih kerap lagi....hahahahah

Mighty Jacksparrow said...


Zuraida said...


oh thats the spirit. make sure dia buat tiap2 hari for a week before ur expecting ur ovulation date ok. Mana tau la kan....hahahaha.

*nak senang buat je everyday...hahahah*

kenapa?rasa susah ke?