Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thank You

I would like to thank all my friends and blogger friends for all the support and concern over the past couple of days, including all the silent readers who had came out of their comfort zone and shared with me their words of wisdom.

I may not answered your comments individually but I appreaciate the support...thank you so much.

And all my siblings from different parents - namely Komala (my biggest cheerleader), Wen Chu, Wei Liew and Haresh - thanks for everything. I drew strength from you, and I am gratefull of everything you had extended to me.

*Gosh, u guys are the best man!*

Not to forget Era (who extends her hand immediately when I came out of the cocoon), Dayana (who tirelessly listens and encourages) and my blogger babes (who continuosly cheers and shared my pain, yes peeja...your well as liza, farah, tina, noy, chics and alia).

Last but not the least...I would like to thank my sis - Ani - and my mom. Yeah, I love you guys too.

This is difficult. This is painful. But thank God for you guys this is somewhat bearable now.


Foxy Farah said...

hugs n kisses!

ellebachan said...

my thots and prayers for u. always.


Zuraida said...



ellebachan dearie,

thanks babe. Kiss kiss..

AkUfiZA™ said...

start a new life, make new friendship n chill ur life :D

~LIZA~ said...

u r most welcome :)


ShirVen said...

be strong zue! i knw you will...