Thursday, July 30, 2009

What else can I do now?

Had been in class the whole morning, I felt like studying is now a very good option that I really really want to pursue full time. Though working has its perks (like money at the end of every month), the freedom of just simply doing nothing but indulge in books feels really good at this juncture.

*yeah, coz I never hated a way they never bothered me. what gives me butterflies is when my boss comes up with unexpected things and expect me to have a crystal ball and somehow make it happen. I wish divinity was in my accounting syllabus, but hell it wasn't*

So far time passes quickly. In between classes we have tea breaks and such...and today is yet another day where I start bloating myself up with food.


I'll try to remember to cut down coffee and drink more plain water.

I do know what I'm going to do after work thouh. Kom is getting us tix to go for this later....

What a good way to spend singlehood aint it? With your gal pal watching chick flicks?

I hope this movie doesn't give me butterflies.


shasha said...

ramainya yg tgk citer ni ari nih...
aku byk keje laaa...tapi pemalasnya...camno tuh?

swit@kon said...

its a lovely movie babe. enjoy it. laugh your heart out!


take care

Zuraida said...

wohohoho, aku pun dah nak mula menempuh pengalaman closing pertama tak lama lagi, sangat nerves...

have u watched it? best tak? i love sandra bullock since Ms Congeniality lagi so I would not miss it for the world!

wink wink.