Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why shopping will not help me deal with my current emotional state

After lunch tadi sempat jalan-jalan around Gardens "cuci mata" with Ika. We went in to Coach coz Ika is thinking of grabbing a handbag for the upcoming Hari Raya holidays....


Kalau ikutkan hati nak je drown my sorrows in shopping. Nothing beats retail theraphy. But over the years I have learnt that it's not the best way to curb my sadly remote loneliness in the first place. I will end up running out of the "retail theraphy high" the momend I bring the shopping bag to my apartment and load of the things....

By then only one question will hit me....

"Why do I need all this stuff in the first place?"

Too bad that there is no such thing as a "return policy" in Malaysia, especially if you buy items on sale (in which I like to do a lot, coz paying full price is a bitch) kalau tak there's no harm in splurging and later returning the stuff you bought the next day kan? At least kalau ada such policy when the high is off you can rest assure that your purse can still be saved. Sigh.

On another note I am somewhat relieved that this time around I am practicing caution and restraint against spending. I remember back in those day I would not give a damn and just purchase whatever I want...expecially those that make me feel good.

At least I have no regrets at the end of the day.

I have to get a new hobby.

Oh reminded that I am suppose to start reading...with my new Sophie Kinsella book and all. And yes, I have started reading slowly, and I am definitely having a good time reading it because even in the first ten pages, she makes me laugh.

Or at least smile la.


Now that my sis is off my back for a couple of days I might get the chance to go to it full time, and hopefully, finish the book by the end of the week. Sigh. Yeah, once I love a book gigih je membaca....hahahaha.

In which is good. Reading keeps your brain moving.

Next month comes the time of reflection. My aim is to take a step back and seriously re-asses my life and priorities and come up with 100 things I want to do before I hit 30. So by end august, the list will be up and lets cross them out one by one...and hopefully in between doing it, I will eventually find myself.

Sounds like a plan.



shasha said...

alamak...aku sure dah tak bole buat those kind of list...dah tua pun...heheheh

Mrs LVoe said...

im going to buy it tmrw. lately too stress kat opis. shopping cant cure me la this time. save pocket.

puterikurekure said...

100 things before 30?
waaa...banyak tu.

selamat berjaya okeh! (ayat skema)