Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Would you kiss any other person easier once you get your first kiss?

I have recently met a guy in the internet who's all broken up because his girlfriend just dumped him for another man. Okay, before you jump into speculations I am not dating or looking forward to dating someone I met on the net (coz that phase in life is so over) but our discussion became quite interesting, I decided to expand my thoughts on the topic here.

And so he asked.....

"I gave her her first kiss....and now she moved on to another man....since she had kissed me before it must be easy for her to kiss another guy, right?"

*hahahahah! Aku gelak dalam hati kejap. Yah, agak naive.....its not even tossing in the sex bit, you go fretting about first kiss?*

I personally don't think the reason to leave (or dump) a guy revolves around first kiss. And to say that once you kiss a guy it becomes easy for girls to kiss other guys (by rule of practice) is simply...hmmmm....

Tak tau la nak cakap macam mana.

To me a kiss is sacred, especially first kiss (to the mouth, a peck on the cheek don't count). You don't see respectable ladies simply giving away frencvh kisses to any guys. And a kiss would never be the same from one guy to another,it depends on how much you really like the guy.

Remember "the spark"?

Don't you think you at least will feel butterflies in you stomach if you like the person you kissed?

Of course, (almost) everyone remember their first kiss. I know I remember mine. But that never keep me from leaving the guy and later moving on. In each and every relationship there's another first kiss, and its not any easier than the ultimate first.


Because that became the benchmark that hits off the relationship, comparison with the next, and as you progress , let's just say its tweaked here and there. Just like any other aspect of a relationship.

It is never simple and easy. It looks simple and easy. But then if you break it down and analyse it, its not that simple.

But if you get a first kiss like this one obviously you'll be crippled for life....

Who the hell let that happen? And to be posted on the net? Boy you should sue. Because knowing that, I don't think your next kiss will be that easy.

*yeah try to explain to the next girl that last time you get kissed by a pig?*


shasha said...

heheheh...kau ni sempat lagi buat lawak dalam serius2 tuh..

peridot sepi said...

setuju dengan kata kata u, tersangatlah betul...