Saturday, August 29, 2009

Balik Kampong nak jumpa mommy!!!!

Its a long weekend, and despite Merdeka day takkan nak berjoli katak kan with fasting and all? Mesti menghormati bulan ramadhan and keep on low key activities, so I have decided to head back home for the next two days and see my mom instead.

*bila bulan puasa baru gheti cuti nak balik umah mak....teruk seh!.....should not keep on doing this anymore*

The house will be freaking full. My sistyer's bf is tagging along, and if I know the better flipside of things, ani's bestie would be there as well. So the house will be packed with people.

I should get my brother to burn all my past Heroes and Gossip Girl softcopies to DVD. Sigh.

Reminder to self : Bring my external drive.

Hope to be back early on Monday. Now that there'll be three of us in a car takkan la nak balik awal selasa pagi.


Finally, a haircut long due

*don't worry, I got profesionals to handle me.....rather than going under the scissors with my own two hands*

I hate the fact that my hair looks limp lately, makes my face even more lifeless and dull. Not to say that it doesn't reflect my mood at the moment, but then why must I look like garbage again?

After having my car serviced in the a.m. and had a lot of time left before iftar, I swinged by Peek-A-Boo and paid Mi, my beloved stylista, a visit. It's been 3 months since my last hair trim. I look horrid with my hair down, which results to my hair being ponytailed most of the time lately.

After an hour of wash, and cut and blow I can see layers forming to place and relieves a happy sigh.

Finally. A decent looking hair.

Totally happy. Definitely on top of the world.

Heading for BBQ at Geng Ying's place tonight and it'll be loads of fun!

Friday, August 28, 2009

When Work Co-Mingles with My Other Extra-Curricular Activities

*illustrasi of what happened to me today*
Not that I am updating my resume. Just meant to say that what I do menyimpang dari niat asal bila I start bukak my Internet Explorer.


Tak boleh la macam ni kan? But the temptation tu sangat menggila la. Bila bosan je click sana. Bosan sikit lagi click sini.

Lagi la bila stress tengok spreadsheet yang bersambung-sambung tanpa henti....numbers that never seem to end.

*sampai lebih sepuluh digit y'all - mano tak poning?*
I stop wishing it'll end. The fact is the war with Excel will never end. I seem to sign up to be an army for numbers and my main job is to close as much as possible by day end.
I am lucky that my bosses and my collegues are nice to me. Now I have to start working hard.

They Had Fun With the Giant Mug Too!!!

Dear Spin Me Silly,

Had you not left a comment, I wouldn't know that there's an FB page dedicated to the Giant Mug. It was fun glancing through the piccas but too bad, my pics are not I am a bit sad.


And since I have absolutely no idea on what to blog about at the moment, so here it goes....a shout (scream!!!) you requested!

For the rest who are totally clueless of what I am talking about.....have a look at this!

There's a Giant Tankard left standing in the open air Centre Court at Cineleisure and they are looking for the best pose with the Giant mug to win an Olympus Pen!

Aku yang excited and ingat sape la yang berani tangkap gambar dengan benda ni anyway gave it a go and posted mine here.


Ramai lagi rupanya yang mencuba nasib!!!! Hahahaahah!!! Some of my favourite piccas are....

*okay, the pics are courtesy of access click here*

*hot ladies with a cuppa!!!!freaking smoking!!!*

*apa motif jelir lidah itu?*

*he did climb all the way on top of the tankard okay!*

*group of mesti ofismates*

There's over 50 photos (too bad none is mine) which are fun to look go check out the FB page! More info in it as well.

To those interested to join the contest, the tankard will be there till Monday, 31st August (kan?) and masih belum terlambat y'all...bring out the SLRs and start camwhoring!!!! Dah tangkap piccas tu jangan lupa hantar pulak! Kalau tak hantar camno nak menang iyo? If you miss it...then kena pi Penang, coz it'll only be at Gurney Plaza till end Sept! So orang KL...sila hujani Curve this holidays y'all!


If we don't get to win the Olympus Pen pun takpe....the consolation prizes pun best jugak.

Apa dia?

Here it goes.....

Consolation Prizes
Olympus µ Tough 6000 x 1 Prize
Olympus µ 550 WP x 1 Prize
Modern Tankard & 4 School of Hard Knocks vouchers x 3 prizes

Not bad aite?

Tunggu apa lagi....

It's Friday and there's a lot of reason to be cheerful coz its gonna be a long weekend....

Yeah...till I step in to office and had to face a bundle of work...think about next week's work and hell yeah, I'm singging something off tune like this..

*mula terasa saiko - apakah???*

Semalam sakit perut angin cirit birit semua cukup, so all I did was rest a home. Sangat buhsan.If my mind would have function normally despite all odds I would have gone to work anyway, but then tak boleh bangun seh....tensi tensi.

But then the excess sleep from yesterday is doing me quite good today.

*wink wink*

The first week of fasting is finally closing and three weeks to go0 before raya....weehooo!!!! Teruknya insan, raya yang dipikirkan? Anyway I'm excited, I'll be off for the whole raya week and its a super long raya holiday for me because usually, it was only about 2 to 3 days max. Now i get to go off for 9 days, talk about being in a festive mood.

Tak sabarnya aku menghitung hari. Before that kita celebrate Merdeka dulu okey!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Premiere Screening of Murderer - Starring Mr Aaron Kwok!

I practically dragged my sister to Cathay Cineplex so I won't be watching this on my own...

*Ani - with her best Murderer pose*

If its up to her she'll be curled up in bed sebab dia tak sihat...tapi biasalah...I am a very determined sister. *grin*. Takkan nak tengok wayang sorang-sorang? Tak best la kan?

We got to the cinema just in time to grab our tix and cuci mata on these...

*comel okeh...tapi takkan la nak tangkap gambar face to face?*

While waiting for the movie to start we head down to ground floor for a ciggie break and found out that there's a huge pewter mug in the centre court and there's a contest to snap pics with it!

So apa lagi?

We end up with these.....

Ani keep on telling me to climb on the mug and take piccas from on top....


I sure wont do that...nanti jatuh susah! Sape la nak hantar aku pi hospital....dah la single mingle ni...

Ke situ pulak dah...

But then this guy sure have guts....

*and we sure had fun watching!*

In fact, we had tonnes of fun I sent a couple of piccas via MMS and submitted an entry. Kalau menang will win an Olympus Pen. Best kan?

We grabbed drinks and manage to get to our seats on time.....

The movie is pretty predictable....after watching the Orphan I even blurted..."ntah ntah dia ada masalah bantut jugak!" hahahaha and found out that erk....more or less the same story line...only a little bit draggy and bloody.

I love the bloody scenes. Its just that I think the acting is a bit exaggerated.

I love Aaron Kwok anyways.*though he's not as cute as he use to be*

I enjoyed my night out anyways....and this morning I woke up to my sister screaming at me to get out of bed for sahur...


All mixed up

I know...some of you have been swinging by and expecting blog post but then I was a bit tied up. (okay, a bit is an understatement.lets rephrase that to VERY tide up). So busy up to the point that I can see endless speadsheet even when I am not having my computer screen in front of me...

*and hell yeah, all the words get mixed up*

I am still quite fragile.I have no freaking idea of this vulnerable emotional state, and I definitely lose it today when I can't bear it and just hit the ladies and pour the tears out....for no apparent reason.

But then I do feel better. Trust me now I am a bit sane. Which is crazy, coz crying to restore a bit of sanity?

This must be from the lack of sugar and water in my system.


Half an hour to go before end of the day and I am so looking forward to leave this PC after 8 hours of no-break day. Yeah, aku sangat gigih hari ni. And definitely looking forward to meet Shasha later and finally go on our buka puasa hunting trip.

*smile-finally. It feels a bit sore though, coz I've been frowning for hours*

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Busy, in and out

Ntah la, despite whatever I have been feeling slightly unstable inside. Emotion wise, I am scared and confused. Not a good mixture. Add a bit of stress from work and voila, I feel like bleeding from the inside out.

I suppose the demons inside me is none other than myself. That everything that has been bugging me is rooted inside me, buried deep down in my closet-full of skeletons.

I wish it was easier, but then maybe God made it hard on purpose. And who am I to go against God's will but just steer through the storm and learn by it as planned by the Almighty?

I am trying to be patient. I am trying to be strong.

Breath. And don't be scared.

Monday, August 24, 2009

To tell you the truth...I rasa macam perut I masuk angin....

There's still about 6 hours to go before breaking fast and I feel like my stomach is slowly getting filled with air (as in agin, wind dan sewaktu dengannya)....

*okay, definitely not yet.....since there's nothing around to make me lose it anyway*

Being cooped up on a seat doesn't help it either. I tried to stretch my leg just now and I got a cramp instantly.



But then don't even dream of slacking...

*nanti tetiba kena renjatan elektrik macam ni baru tau??? Tuhan marah sebab tak puasa*

Today I am thinking of getting something more filling than yesterday. I don't think my modest breakfast yesterday is doing me good today, so have to get something with more substance.


*Nasib baik the weighing scale is showing favourable progress...kalau tak...sigh...jangan harap la nak menggigih macam ni*

Puasa at Office

So far alhamdullillah, fasting had been a breeze. But I think I had slept too much, to a point that I am starting to have nightmares and think of nonsense....

*hate the fact that I can't even seek solace on slumber. sigh*

3rd day of fasting and back to office, everything seems pretty normal as usual. Still struggling with a huge spreadsheet crunching numbers and how I wish the spreadsheet can somehow magic itself and come out with the results I wanted.


*I think all this number crunching will someday drive me to the wall. The fact that I am doing it on my own does not help. Sigh. Cepat la coti.*

So far the agenda for the week is kinda full. On top of the normal Ramadhan obligations, I'll be in que for a movie tomorrow night, supper with Liza on Friday night and barbeque at Geng Ying's on Saturday. And since it'll be a long weekend, most probably I'll take the chance to zoom back to Tampin anyway and visit mommy on Sunda till maybe early Tuesday morning.

Great. Sounds like the whole week will be exciting.

*Komala's will be even better. She's due for Hong Kong on Thursday! sob sob...aku ditinggalkan kat sini!!!*

Hahahaah...drama queen.

The Harem Pants - Dare to Try them Out?

The harem pants had been making storm in the west all summer and its still "in" now....but do you dare don this frock in public...

*piccas courtesy of always*

Great in giving peeps with small bums the idea of a fuller body and great in showing off a small waist.

In which I think wont fit me. Heheheheh. Because I have a curvacious body with huge upper "ehem ehem" but then if I am somewhere between an XS to M, why not...kan?

And because the focus is more on the pants...we should keep the top minimal (yeah, and emphasize on accessories like the bag and earrings...

Look at how cool Gwen Stefani is frocking the harem pants....

*An asymmetrical T-shirt over harem pants with Louboutin heels and a blue shoulder bag*

The pants comes in a three quarter version as well, and it may look just as chic when accessorize correctly....

*able to show off those gladiator flats! I like!*

Heyya Fashionista out there, dare to try it now?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Twenties Girl Excerpt 4

Sadie's face is drawn as she gazes out of the window. Her skin seems paler than ever and there are shadow's under her eyes. In her silver-grey dress she looks like a vulnerable little wisp. I feel sudden tears spring to my eyes. She loved the artist, its obvious. Underneath all the bravado and the back chat, she really loved him. All her life, probably

How could he not loved her back? Bastard. If he were alived now I'd go and find him and beat him up . Even if he was some quavery, million year old man with twenty grandchildren.

'Its so sad.'I rub my nose. "Its so sad.'

'It's not sad' she retort at once, her old flippant air returning. 'It's the way things are. There are other men, there are other countries, there are other lives to live. But that's why I know'. She suddenly rounds me.'I know, and you have to believe me.
-Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. Page 227.

I have finally finished the book, and was deeply contented with the ending. Of course, there's rainbows at the end and happy endings....but the excerpt shared is just not quite there yet. We are still learning.....

I am somewhat intrigue by Sadie's character. It's a pretty strong character, I have to admit, to be able to live so long and tried so hard to be happy. At the end of the day, people might envy her zestfullness in life and taken her for granted because she seems such a rebel and independant, but deep inside she's just another girl who fell in love, got hurt and moved on.

But instead of giving up, she moved on.

She find alternatives.

And how I wish I am that strong.

For underneath this tough exterior (and how people might be surprised at how strong I could be), I am just another girl. I feel pain. I had moments of despair.

At time sI don't even recognise the person that stares back at me every morning. The glint in my eyes seems to be missing. My eyes rimmed with dark circles, which requires concealers for cover to work. The semi jaunt face.

*the lost hope*

But I am not giving up hope.

I need to believe there's still something good out there for me.

I need to believe what Sadie said.....There are other men, there are other countries, there are other lives to live.

There are other lives to live.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Twenties Girl Excerpt 3

'Sadie! Tell me!It's good to talk about things!' The room is silent, but somehow I am sure she's still there. 'Come on' I say wheedingly.'I've told you everything about me. And I'm your great niece. You can trust me. I won't tell anyone.'

Still nothing.

'Whatever.' I shrug.'Thought you had more guts than that'.

'I do have guts.' Sadie appears in front of me, looking furious.

'So tell me.' I fold my arms.

Sadie's face is motionless, but I can see her eyes flickering to me and away again.

'There's nothing to tell,' she says finally, her voice low.'It's simply that I do know what its like to think you're in love. I know what it's like to squander all your hours and all your tears and all your heart for something which turns out to be....nothing. Don't waste your life. That's all.'
-Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, page 223.

There's a couple of lesson to be learnt here.

1. It's good to spill the beans. Sometimes it helps to put things in perspective when we talk about our issues. Having bent up frustrations bottled inside might result to detrimental which point you either lose it or even if you manage to live it up anyway, bring it to your grave.

I hope that someday I can somehow forgive, forget and move on. I don't want to carry the hurt to my deathbed.

2. Its not easy to talk about the pain with someone else, yes...its hard, but if we do take the time and effort and found the right people who understand, it's worth a shot.

If you can't find a person whom you can really trust, then get a therapist. Sure, its not free but then at least you let the beast out of the closet once in a while. Because hey, what's the point of having all the money in the world when you are unhappy?

*am I rambling?*

3. There is no point wasting your life away (as well as tears and energy) on such things that are so intangible. It's like holding on to thin air,you can never grasp it...and it'll slip between your fingers one way or another.

What options do we have?


One of it is to live life to the fullest. Mainly for ourselves, then for the people who really do care for us, like family and close friends. It hurts others to see us wither as well, you know. Maybe people put a strong front to encourage us to be stronger, but deep inside they feel the pain as well.

Channel the energy to good stuff. Like yoga. Okay, if its not yoga, there must be something else that make you happy. Travelling, perhaps?


It's Friday peeps. Signing off now, hope you guys have a good weekend.

Samples Hunting....

I buzzed a friend early morning today to accompany me to go sample hunting. Oh yeah, I am crazy of the Estee Lauder's new anti ageing cream that I am going to all Estee's counter here in teh Gardens and Mid valley (there's a total of 4 counter's okay!) to grab as many samples as I can get my hands on.

Okay,just kidding. I just need two packs to last till Tuesday when I myself will go grab a bottle of my own youth elixir.

Why Tuesday?

Sebab on tuesday they will start they're promo sales, which means a lot of freebies. If you are an Estee Lauder buff then don't miss it...go to the counter on Tuesday to get more value to every ringgit spent.

*oh bunyi macam sales pitch*

As I sip my morning coffee and went through my daily emails, I found out that Anna Sui is giving out samples for their new Fall/Winter Rich Base Make-up and Foundation.....

*Which features the ever beautiful Agyness Den - sangat flawless kan? Suka buat aku confuse la all these ads*

Click punya click I print myself and three other friends vouchers to collect the samples at Isetan @ Garden's Anna Sui counter and hasilnya, I came back with these....

*Mission accomplished! I got two packs of EL's serum and two packs of AS's powder foundation and foundation set with primer*

*the packaging is quite facy kan? macam ada avant garde feel*

Tak sabar nak dig my hands on the samples. For a fact I already knew the EL's serum is working wonders, sebab tadi akak katofis dah kata she saw improvement on my face and was asking what I was using...

Aku dengan happynya tayang sample! Hahahaahah!


InStlye look of the Day : Sienna Miller

I subscribe to online and they will send me daily feed of the latest in fashion donned by the celebs. Its done more out of fun than curiosity, because without those flyers my inbox will be pretty empty.

*see how modom my life is?*

Anyways, the piccas are fun to look at. At times it gives inspiration and ideas when I go out shopping.

*Like hell yeah it rings the fashion belle in when I see chic finds in a bundle of stuff in some boutique (on sale...hahahah...cheapo!) I can immediately go "Ding! That's in....grab it!" immediately*

Okay, now I'm letting go my fashion secrets out.


As I browse through today's mail I wonder how somebody as sweet like this....

*Sienna Miller donning an ultra short Takoon design, Jimmy Choo sandals and a Bottega clutch....superb, courtesy of*

Can be turned to a bad girl like this....

*the rest of the pics is courtesy of*

*The Baronnes, in GI Joe*

I can't deny the fact that her silhoutte is pretty awesome in the body suit, but then from sweet to nasty....that's two extremes.

But then,that's the wonder of make-up and super fancy costume designers. What's the point of paying them a million bucks if they look exactly the same in real life, kan?

I definitely heart her hair extensions.....

*super lustrous black hair....straight and full of volume and body*

Bila lah aku nak ada rambut (dan badan) sebegitu? It must cost a bomb okay.

I group Sienna as a very lucky person,. because she can carry a lot of hairstyle. She look great in long full hair, sweet in shoulder length blonde and cute in a boycut.

*oh my....can your haie ever go wrong?*

When I cropped my hair short last year it does look chic, but then looking back aku rasa macam tempayan. So that is so not gonna happen till I pass another decade.

*Why a decade? Because the last time I cropped my hair that short last was at school, a decade before the last one. Maybe I'll grow bored of long hair every 10 years or so....that's just a guess la, who knows?*

Tina Banana...more cheesy pics here!!!

Dear Tina,

I just wanna temp you *:P* with what I had for breakfast today...

Zoom in the criminal culprit...

On top of that I also had a pack of mihun. Tapi tak abis.


It's Friday Y'all

The week had passed like a breeze and tomorrow onwards we will be fasting our heart out! So kalau tak sempat sebab saya terlalu busy bekerja,I wanna wish you all....

"Selamat Berpuasa!!!! Mari berpuasa bersungguh-sungguh".

Hari ni ada cita-cita nak jadi sangat productive. *smile*. Mesti la mau start bulan baru dengan azam baru, kan?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twenties Girl Excerpt 2

'Its not love, don't be ridiculous' Sadie seems to be sure of herself I feel a swell of absolute fury.

'Well, you've never been in love! So what would you know about it? Josh is a real man, with real feelings and real love, something you know nothing about. And you can think what you like, but I really believe I can make things work. I really believe Josh has deep feelings for me...'

'Its not enough to believe!' Sadie's voice is suddenly passionate; almost savage. 'Don't you see that, you stupid girl?'You could spend your whole life hoping and believing! If a love affair is one-sided, then its only ever a question, never an answer. You can't live your life waiting for an answer.'
-Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella , page 222

Zoom straight to the second para, sounds familiar?

I bet I have said that countless of times, in between rationalising myself that things (as in the breakup) shouldn't have happened the way it did and despite what is happening at the moment, he still loves me and cared for me.

But then newsflash.

He's moving on with life as if I never existed. Happily replaced me with another women who in an instant, is doing all the things we did together till the day he decided its over. Someway somehow it seems like my absence did not leave a significant impact in his life.

So tell me again...why am I hoping??

Yes, pretty ridiculous.Exactly.

The fact is for a while I still cling to a dash of hope. I deludedly think its faith. But then, when I think about it repeatedly, whats the point of being in a relationship when he doesn't care? Where there's only one party that has faith, or hope or dreams?

It takes two to tango, and despite how strongly I felt against the situation, Sadie's right.....if there's only me believing in it, it will never be enough.

*Nanti sakit hati je makan hati sampai ke tua. Sigh*

I think the possibility of whats out there scares me, and that now that I am stepping out of my comfort zone, I should start having a little bit of faith in myself and believe that I will be able to achieve better things in life.

Like self-actualisation. Personal fulfillment. And perhaps....a better (more deserving) guy.

And I shouldn't let a question hold me back a lifetime. We all deserve an answer.

The richest cheese cuppies I ever tasted....

Sometime last week my boss treated us with cuppies for one of my collegue's bday, and she got us.....

*Uhuhuhu Cuppies*

The toppings came in various flavours (among my fav is the blueberry) and the filling is cheese, cheese and cheese.

*Makan satu sebulan hilang craving makan me*

But the ia sangat sedap!!! Rasa nak makan banyak. But then I stop at one...takut nanti terlebih makan over la pulak. Dah la harijadi orang. Mengalahkan the one we celebrated pulak.

*that time kan newbie, kena tunjuk contoh yang lah tu*

If anyone of you wants to try its only available at the Pavilion.


New at Coach

When I saw the email from CoachNMuchMore today I can't help but salivate over this...

*the new Coach Parker Hobo*

Simple yet stylish, nice for everyday wear...but then too bad I have to kiss it goodbye sebab ada plan lain di kepala.

But then just look at how it'll hang on your shoulder....

*exquisite ain't it?*


Enough bags okay! Bag yang banyak kat umah tu pun tak abis pakai.

I should make a new rule. If I want to add my bag collection I should pre-love some of the ones I already have....especially those yang sangat sangat jarang some of the clutches and hand held bags.

*besides, kalau aku melaram sekarang pun what's the point?*


But then it's a nice thought. *wink wink*.

2 day to Ramadhan...better go indulge the ice-cream quick!

The day has been crazy. I hardly get to browse anything on the net. Sigh. Elokla, baru productive aite?

When I focus too much I tend to get instant cravings or get very very hungry once I start to slow down. At the moment I am thinking of B&R's creamy, sangat yummey! But then though I can just walk to the counter and get a cuppa of my own, I am too lazy to do it myself.


Nak makan pun malas. Nasib baik ambik lunch.


2 days to go before the fasting starts *ceh ceh ceh....macam pertandingan pulak bunyinya* and I am taking this opportunity to wish everyone " happy fasting!!!!!". So far niat tekad azam gigih di hati nak puasa penuh (hahahaah!!!!yeah, penuh selagi diizinkan, mind you) and try my best not to buruk lantak and eat like a pig during break fast.

*yeah, itu amalam syaiton...tak baik ikut...*

But before we start off, sila abiskan all the instant cravings okay. I myself might just drop by B&R's counter later after work.

*wink wink*

One of those days I wish I can feel sexy like this....

*pic courtesy of Vanity Fair*

Oh hotness!!!!Look at that hair. I wish I have tresses like those, and that someone will hold me as passionately as that...rasa sangat sangat sexy....


The stare is very intense kan???

Maybe I should consider extensions? Mampukah jaga? Dah la most of the time aku ni pemalas kan....

Sigh. cvalling Zuraida....better get back to reality now.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ready to meet Aaron Kwok????

Coming soon...25th August 2009.
Who wants to join me?

The Day we Bring the Ninja Fashion to Office

Now with the H1N1 spreading like mushrooms (maybe even faster than mushrooms), a more stringent precautionary measure was taken by company and effective's compulsory for EVERYONE to wear a mask.


*ada rupa macam Darth Vader tak???*

Despite all spirits were up. And we were parading our new mask around (as if it's a big deal...hahahahh!it is...seriously). I dah la memang tak suke pakai mask, coz it makes you hard to breath.....

Rasa macam kena recycle CO2 je...

Tapi nak buat macam mana kan. Dah la bos dah inform awal-awal starting tomorrow everyone has to go through temperature check before going to office. Kalau tak pas temperature check...out you go.


By the way, here's me goofing around with my mask....

*do you notice that mask kitorang semua terbalik???*

Sigh...apa da, model penggunaan mask yang salah.

Ni baru betul....

*the green colored side should be out...kononnya that's the filter*

On the flipside, do you notice my smoother, clearer skin????


I added the new Estee Lauder's new Anti Ageing cream to my existing La Mer moisturiser routine and gues what....the moisturiser went straight in without excess and since hydration problem. It makes my moisturiser work even faster! So far I had in on me for 3 days and no adverse reaction....i soka!

Now that the sample nak abis...harusla calculate budget to get the actual bottle. Takkan nak pergi kaunter tiap2 hari and mintak kat Kak B kot?


*Kalau boleh terus hidup on samples je kan bagus???Gila kemut*

Okla, ninja hendak kembali bekerja.

After a long's piccas from the Estee Lauder Model Search

I know I am not model material but I love the pics anyway.....muahahahahahaahh!!!!!!

*I think they've done a good job editing....considering I don't like much of the rough photos*

Let the piccas show it ok!

Personally, I think I am a bit stiff but considering that I don't do this on a daily basis I suppose the output is not so bad.

I had them framed too! *wink wink* Nanti boleh tunjuk Komala. Hahahahaah!