Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 day to Ramadhan...better go indulge the ice-cream quick!

The day has been crazy. I hardly get to browse anything on the net. Sigh. Elokla, baru productive aite?

When I focus too much I tend to get instant cravings or get very very hungry once I start to slow down. At the moment I am thinking of B&R's creamy, sangat yummey! But then though I can just walk to the counter and get a cuppa of my own, I am too lazy to do it myself.


Nak makan pun malas. Nasib baik ambik lunch.


2 days to go before the fasting starts *ceh ceh ceh....macam pertandingan pulak bunyinya* and I am taking this opportunity to wish everyone " happy fasting!!!!!". So far niat tekad azam gigih di hati nak puasa penuh (hahahaah!!!!yeah, penuh selagi diizinkan, mind you) and try my best not to buruk lantak and eat like a pig during break fast.

*yeah, itu amalam syaiton...tak baik ikut...*

But before we start off, sila abiskan all the instant cravings okay. I myself might just drop by B&R's counter later after work.

*wink wink*


shasha said...

owh yaa...sila jgn lupa plan kita nak meredah pasar ramadhan bersama2 ye babe!

Zuraida said...

tak lupa tak lupa.ko fah start buat list belum?