Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All mixed up

I know...some of you have been swinging by and expecting blog post but then I was a bit tied up. (okay, a bit is an understatement.lets rephrase that to VERY tide up). So busy up to the point that I can see endless speadsheet even when I am not having my computer screen in front of me...

*and hell yeah, all the words get mixed up*

I am still quite fragile.I have no freaking idea of this vulnerable emotional state, and I definitely lose it today when I can't bear it and just hit the ladies and pour the tears out....for no apparent reason.

But then I do feel better. Trust me now I am a bit sane. Which is crazy, coz crying to restore a bit of sanity?

This must be from the lack of sugar and water in my system.


Half an hour to go before end of the day and I am so looking forward to leave this PC after 8 hours of no-break day. Yeah, aku sangat gigih hari ni. And definitely looking forward to meet Shasha later and finally go on our buka puasa hunting trip.

*smile-finally. It feels a bit sore though, coz I've been frowning for hours*

1 comment:

shasha said...

hehehe...thanks for picking me up babe...sorry la aku bab2 TTDI ni fail...