Saturday, August 29, 2009

Balik Kampong nak jumpa mommy!!!!

Its a long weekend, and despite Merdeka day takkan nak berjoli katak kan with fasting and all? Mesti menghormati bulan ramadhan and keep on low key activities, so I have decided to head back home for the next two days and see my mom instead.

*bila bulan puasa baru gheti cuti nak balik umah mak....teruk seh!.....should not keep on doing this anymore*

The house will be freaking full. My sistyer's bf is tagging along, and if I know the better flipside of things, ani's bestie would be there as well. So the house will be packed with people.

I should get my brother to burn all my past Heroes and Gossip Girl softcopies to DVD. Sigh.

Reminder to self : Bring my external drive.

Hope to be back early on Monday. Now that there'll be three of us in a car takkan la nak balik awal selasa pagi.


1 comment:

shasha said...

wah...ramai2 adalah meriah...aku yg balik rawang ada 3 org je kat rumah pun dah macam2 je rasanya..huhuhu