Thursday, August 13, 2009

Busy, but rambled anyway

It has been a hectic morning...dah la sesat after ambik Sprint Highway (which defeats the purpose of taking the highway in the first place because I am yet again stuck in Bangsar to make a u-turn) but then thank God I can still make it to the meeting.

Ye la...takkan kucirat masuk lambat kot???Sangat tak mengikut hirarki.

Anyways, I had loads of fun last night, especially when Komala was around for the movies. Tapi oh my, makan banyak!!!!Damn. Carbs pulak tu (why the hell do I sound vain?) but the who can resist the pizza at Italiannies kan, hahahaahah! Piccas to come, nanti bila free sikit I'll load it and post them kay!

I made new friends! Hahahaah....semuanya adik-adik comel. I grabbed a bag of goodie bag that is filled with CD and freebies, so all in all its a good night. *smile*.

The bad news is my LBD doesnt work.


Sebab the supposedly fitting LBD tetiba loose la pulak a lot of places (hips, tummy, chest) which end up making the baju tak body hugging and I have to pin the chest so that my boobs won't fall off.

*okay, too much info*

Baru je beli last weekend. Sigh.

Nasib baik on sale.

Tanpa disedari its almost lunch hour. Sigh. Bagus la, Im almost hungry already anyway!


shasha said...

woh~!..mana picture nih? cepat cepat!...hahhaha...

Terri said...

helloooo :) takde chatbox?? nyway was nice meeting u tat day. cheers :)

Terri said...

hey zuraida! i din know u posted a comment at my blog hahaha. btw i din see u at district 9 >.< great movie wasnt it? :D i managed to masuk sony and ambik gambar of boys like girls! u went missing :P

will send u d pics over d weekend ;) but i doubt any of it will be any close to usable :/

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