Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can anyone holler me if ever this drink is served anywhere?

*source : Google Image*
Rasa macam agak saiko jugak la at the moment sebab worksheet yang sepatutnya link never links and its crazy la nak go through satu satu. Damn, why the hell is this happening? I rasa macam nak commit homicide je...I bet if my PC is a living being dah lama dah kena strangle tahap gila gaban.
Whats the point again of having alll the link files in which doesnt link at the end of the day?
*woosha la bebanyak*
On a more sunny note, we all balik bawak kuih akok and lompat tikam after lunch just now. Maybe sugar will be a good alternative to valium latte.


cwee said...

Chee Wee here...anyway, I was recognized as Cweelee in the cyber/blogging world...tag's nice to meet u anyway *winks*

Zuraida said...

heyya, its great mereting u...where's the piccas???