Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crushed my 2 hour bliss.There goes RM10 out of the window.

Went out with Cik Abang Anon today for GIJoe coz I sort of promised to watch the movie with him,but at the end of the movie I saw a missed call from my ex.

Totally ruined the crush I had for Channing Tatum for more or less 2 hours. Suddenly felt a deep stabbing pain in my chest,as if all men dissapointed me...even the cute CT.


I had a feeling that Cik Abang Anon felt the change in me on the way home,and as he dropped me off for the first time ever,he said...

'U know,if there's anything you need you know you can always call me?'

Yeah. I've known him for ages.The fact that he's suddenly concerned speaks a lot.

Sigh. Do I look that bad?

I smiled and called it a night. Tomorrow's a working day anyway. Hopefully with a good night's rest I will wake up feeling the good vibe I felt for Channing Tatum.



f.i.e.z.a said...

laaaa spoilnya..i dah layan feeling bila baca u dah kuwa w someone new..
u tanak tuka no?

well dats just a suggestion tho..

shasha said...

isskkk...apa saja la yg dia nak lagi dari kamu nih...

Zuraida said...


i thought abt that...tapi i pk all the people i know have that number, and such a bummer la i have to change it tapi hidup dia jalan macam biasa?

so i wont change it. besides, i love that number.


sigh. crap.

chics said...

I love CT but he;'s amrried now to his co-star in Step Up![AAs ifla kalau dia tak kawen dia nak kat akukan haha]

On the other hand, sungguh spoilt the mood, dah ranapkan hato orang nak call-call pulak. ee