Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Day I Sit Back and think about People's Tweets

There are times when you can find interesting bits on twitter, and for quite some time now I have been following tipsforwomen....mainly because some (of his?) tweets are at times funny and made me laugh.

Here's a few of his tweets recently (in which I think) make sense and we all can take a point to think about...

This one has a valid point. Being recently fresh out of a break-up, its a bit tough not to call or see your ex from time to time (walaupun its best to elakkan fully) but if you're still seeing him, what's the point of bitching about him?

Maybe we all should reserve some of the anger and keep our mouth shut, and if the break-up is a time of reflection, than channel our feelings towards a more constructive energy.

The second one is something I don't agree fully. What's wrong with communicating our feelings? Its a healthy thing to put yourself out there and express yourself, and I value my friends who actually do listen. I definitely don't sit around and label them losers, because they're strength really do support me....

But the obviously la, there's a limit to the amount of disclosure of unhappiness la....kalau semua benda nak cerita and then ngan strangers yang tak tau hujung pangkal pun cerita dari A to Z tak ke saiko tu?

Kalau with close friends and confidante...i don't see a wrong in sharings your happiness and fears. In fact, that's what friends are for kan?

And I found this last bit as funny.


So unless your vain and thinks you're actually fat....your not fat.

So embrace your size!I think the message to be sent across is that weight issues comes from within. You're not fat unless you think so.


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shasha said...

hehehehe...yg last tu mmg kelakar...aku selalu je perasan aku cute walaupun badan dah macam badak dah aku rasa..