Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Day I Step My Foot in BeYoga

Before I proceed nak tunjuk kasut baru kesayangan... hasil rembatan "sale" kat Charles & Keith recently....

*oh sangat suka...tapi ini bukan kasut yang aku pakai untuk ke BeYoga....oh tidak sama sekali*

Obviously kalau mahu bersenam kena la pakai something comfy kan?

I was on slippers, my yoga pants and a t-shirt pantai. With my hair all pony-tailed rasa macam muka aku ni bulat macam kuih doriyaki....


So no pics of me. Tak kuasa la pulak nak bermake-up before work out.

*that's me parked right in front of BeYoga*

As I step in I was greeted by Mikee, the outlet manager, who is very very friendly, I like! *smile* We chat a bit coz I was kinda early (sebab aku paranoid la kan takkan kelas pertama bersama selebriti yoga instructor tersohor, Ninie Ahmad, aku nak lambat???? - sangat tak patut) and I was introduced to the packages, which is very favourable.

I am thinking seriously of signing up full time lepas raya!

But Mikee pun such an angel. I expressed my interest to try out the Pilates class by Ken (sebab Nina and chics kata sangat best) and dia terus offer trial. Oh aku suka. Mesti nak try.

Teruja teruja.

By the way, when we chat (at the very comfy lounge area), I manage to peek into Ken's class.

*I think that's Nina I snapped there okey. Chics menyorok belaknag glass wall tu. hahahaah!*

And seronoknya. In between poses they were laughing okeh. That rarely happens in my average class.

*Nina I wanna link you but my link list is not showing!!!!sorry!!!!*


About 15 minutes later or so Chics and Nina came out and we said hi and it was great. Macam jumpa-jumpa terus click. And they had fun, so macam lagi terexcited nak join BeYoga.


Ninie's class was great. The karmayoga class on Sundays @ 10am is a charity class, where the centre conducts it free to public and participants are encouraged not only to experience the benefit of yoga but also return back to the society via donation accumulated and to be distributed by the centre. I sangat sangat mengesyorkan la sape-sape yang berminat to try it out, and sambil-sambil tu we can drop a bit of cash to charity and help others as well.

First timers and pregnant ladies pun boleh join this class, sebab dia akan tailor made the moves to fit in general participants...takde la scary macam masuk advanced class kan. And don't be afraid to ask questions and try out poses that looks challenging....sebab unless you try them out then you won't know how flexible you are kan?

I am excited to go back. And if anyone is going.....lets go together! *smile*


puterikurekure said...

terus terasa nak join. boleh?

AkUfiZA™ said...

wah, so cool :D

shasha said...

aku adalah takut utk melipat2 badan...hehehe

Sweettooth said...

join...jgn tak join. kita boleh enjoy bertiga or beramai2 lagi ;). eh! tu gambar i tertonggeng2 u amik tu.

Zuraida said...

boleh boleh. datang la KL. boleh pi sama2.


there's no harm in flexing your body okay...its like stretching yourself thin!

Nina Sweettooth,
hehehehe...mesti mesti. U will see me after raya la we go class together2.

chics said...

Jomla!Jomla kelas Ken best hehe