Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Day Nuffnang Bring the Orphan to me and La Mer adds a box of choco sweetness to it!

Thanks to Nuffnang, my days had been filled with events lately that it somewhat ease the pain inside and keep my time filled. So less days thinking of "what ifs" and "usually by this time he would call" or "oh, he haven't said he love me yet today".

I know...sound a bit desperado but then it seems like those thoughts are still on auto-pilot and it might take some time to tune it off. So far keeping myself busy had helped me think less and less about it these days. So what the heck, I'll keep on participating till I can get something else on my mind.

Like my Mama Ros once told me when I was all in tears crying....

"Apa cantik and still young. Pergi keluar, happy-happy....jangan pikir apa-apa.....keluar sampai penat then balik tido.Repeat sampai you move on to the next thing!"

There's a point in that. Bila keluar - penat- balik tido- esok bangun tak rasa apa - keluar lagi sampai penat - tido - and it goes on and on and on. By the time you knew it weeks had passed and you'll realise that hey, life is not so bad after all.


Enough of that for now. The screening of the orphan was huge - the hall was packed okay and it was a huge hall. Ani made it to the cinema just in time before the orphan got adopted so we didn't miss much after all....

*there is definitely something wrong about Esther - seriously*

I tak sangka ending dia.....okay, not going to tell coz nanti spoiler pulak.

*evil grin*

What I can say is that I am a tad dissapointed sebab a lot of scenes were censored out. They definitely have a lot of "F" word. All in all bolehla jadi DVD movie tengok kat umah.


I had a great time anyways. *smile*

On another note....dropped by La Mer counter @ Metrojaya Mid Valley before the show to pick up my Ramadhan gift (oh yeah, La Mer sangat customer friendly...i love the tea parties) and I got this....

Oh the chocs are delicious..... all sangat cantek in a box nak makan pun sayang!!!!!!


Despite all odds I am blessed. *smile*


DD said...

Dear Zue, it is true what you've said... the thoughts seems to be on auto-pilot... although we tell ourselves, hey, it's not worth to think about the person cos he's such a jerk, but still kan? then we got hurt lagik... *sigh*...

and what your Mama Ros said is also true... get out, balik rumah dan penat tido... tapi nak keluar pun takde mood... so instead, i watch dvds sampai ngantuk then tido... *sigh*

Zuraida said...

Dear DD,

its okay. maybe sekarang u still didnt feel like going out. I pun ada one point tu I berkurung kat umah tak nak jumpa orang semua, so its perfectly normal.

One day you will find out that you are ready to go out and meet people, so the time will come.


u be strong okay!think of others who are less fortunate and count our blessings that what we face is far less troublesome than theirs.