Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Day we Bring the Ninja Fashion to Office

Now with the H1N1 spreading like mushrooms (maybe even faster than mushrooms), a more stringent precautionary measure was taken by company and effective's compulsory for EVERYONE to wear a mask.


*ada rupa macam Darth Vader tak???*

Despite all spirits were up. And we were parading our new mask around (as if it's a big deal...hahahahh!it is...seriously). I dah la memang tak suke pakai mask, coz it makes you hard to breath.....

Rasa macam kena recycle CO2 je...

Tapi nak buat macam mana kan. Dah la bos dah inform awal-awal starting tomorrow everyone has to go through temperature check before going to office. Kalau tak pas temperature check...out you go.


By the way, here's me goofing around with my mask....

*do you notice that mask kitorang semua terbalik???*

Sigh...apa da, model penggunaan mask yang salah.

Ni baru betul....

*the green colored side should be out...kononnya that's the filter*

On the flipside, do you notice my smoother, clearer skin????


I added the new Estee Lauder's new Anti Ageing cream to my existing La Mer moisturiser routine and gues what....the moisturiser went straight in without excess and since hydration problem. It makes my moisturiser work even faster! So far I had in on me for 3 days and no adverse reaction....i soka!

Now that the sample nak abis...harusla calculate budget to get the actual bottle. Takkan nak pergi kaunter tiap2 hari and mintak kat Kak B kot?


*Kalau boleh terus hidup on samples je kan bagus???Gila kemut*

Okla, ninja hendak kembali bekerja.


shasha said...

err..bole bole..tapi kena buat muka tebal mintak sample la...kan?
hehehhe...sumpah cam ninja tau pakai mask...

Zuraida said...

tau takpe...mau tak tebal muka!!!