Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Digi Sneak Peak Pre Launch Party

Sorry it took quite some time for me to come to this.....was busy like a bee the whole day yesterday (and still am, kalau ikut workaholic memang sah sampai next week la blog ni bersawang) but then here we are...heheheh....harusla multi task, kan?

Got the privillege to be at Digi's party to launch it's music portal and they had it at the Laundry Bar @ the Curve. I was expecting the All American Rejects.....sigh....tapi.....sigh....

* There you go.....lots of orang kuning!*

Its a one person invite, and there I was alone out there! But then lots of the attendees seems to know each other, everyone is having a good time mingleing around and snapping piccas, its such a lively event.....

*all smiles*

Obviously I am a bit shy, but I made friends with a couple of other bloggers and were instantly enjoying the moment with the rest of the crowd.

Here's Ollie with her oh-so-stunning eyelashes!!!!

*cantek kan??? geram okeh!*

And there's Terrie....she was around during the District 9 premiere later too!!!Too bad I caught her in the viewing hall, otherwise we could have chat while waiting for the show to start and it would have been a blast....

And before I forget...I get a bunch of freebies that comes along in a goodie bag!!! Yippee!!!

There's a bunch of CD's (and AP is one of it.....oh I screaming "When You See My Face Doest it Give You Hell!*Does it Give you Hell!!!") , a Digi prepaid simcard (that I will soon activate when I get my new spare phone), a card holder and a bag tag....yellow in color!


Despite all odds, we were fed with a delightfull selection of food, my personal favourite is the pizza....

And were entertained by Caprice....

*so not what I expected! But okay la.....kalau All American Rejects will be much better la...*

There were games and prizes given out during the event, one being best which goes to the best Avril Lavigne and Jason Mraz look a like....

*that's our Jason Mraz, hahahahah...senang gila dress up...pakai topi and khaki pants terus eligible....hahahahahah! Anyways, he bagged a Sony MP3 player, cool kan for dressing down?*

Halfway through the event we already made a mess at our table......sigh...still hearting the pizza till today....

*Blogger tegar Ming Yoei camhoring his heart out!*

Me and my new friends all participated in the Digi game where we all need to go have a run through the DigiMusic portal .....

*hail to team 4*

This is what we need to do....

Semua nervous okay....because its a speed test....the team who gets to finish the whole task fastest wins!
At the end we get Aaron behind the lappy to click all the necessaries (yeah, tugas paling berat!!!) while we all read out loud what he needs to do!

We finished at almost 4 minutes! Lost to team 6 who got it done in 3 minutes and 3 seconds....

Bummer. Its not us! Its the connection! Its freaking slow!


*the winner walks away with sony wireless headphones worth Rm300....sob sob....why can't it be me?*

Complain pulak. Padahal masa diorang cari volunteer suruh click click lari!!!hahahahahah!

What's with attending a Digi party without a memorabilia of the orang kuning itself kan?

*nice hair man! it has more volume than mine...heheheh*

Last but not the least, my new blogger friends....

*ollie, me, cweelee, terrie , aaron and mingyoei*

People, we keep in touch ya. Who know's we get to get to the round table event with AAR??? Then not so lonely anymore kan...we have a click like the rest? Hahahahahah!

Terrie : I so envy that you get to snap photos with Boys Like Girls! I thought the movie starts at 9pm and went straight to Cineleisure. If I had known its a 9.30pm show.....I would have stayed in que and snap piccas with those boys too!!!They are C.U.T.E!!!

Ollie : Me want the piccas!!! Me wait for you!!!!


Yoei said...

not ming la =( wow melacca girl

Zuraida said...

sorry!!!!got it wrong!!!!u forgive me aite????

yeah, i live at boarder melaka - negeri sembilan there near alor gajah! been there?

Terri said...

Haha :D I gave my district 9 tickets to my bro n gf. so a couple of us were waiting out there til bout 9.30am to get the remainders :P

Btw, i havent saved the pictures cos my laptop got virus, takut infect my memory stick. but i've looked thru n it's all underexposed n pretty sucky :/ i dnt think there's any that u can use hehhe..

btw thanks for d pics! :D

Zuraida said...

its okay. no worries.