Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finally, a haircut long due

*don't worry, I got profesionals to handle me.....rather than going under the scissors with my own two hands*

I hate the fact that my hair looks limp lately, makes my face even more lifeless and dull. Not to say that it doesn't reflect my mood at the moment, but then why must I look like garbage again?

After having my car serviced in the a.m. and had a lot of time left before iftar, I swinged by Peek-A-Boo and paid Mi, my beloved stylista, a visit. It's been 3 months since my last hair trim. I look horrid with my hair down, which results to my hair being ponytailed most of the time lately.

After an hour of wash, and cut and blow I can see layers forming to place and relieves a happy sigh.

Finally. A decent looking hair.

Totally happy. Definitely on top of the world.

Heading for BBQ at Geng Ying's place tonight and it'll be loads of fun!

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