Friday, August 14, 2009

Gonna be back to BeYoga later....

...for my first Pilates class with Ken.


Mikee from BeYoga had nicely set up a trial class for me to try out Pilates with Ken before the puasa month starts so I can have the feel of the sport...

*get ready to stretch myself thin tonight*

Kan best kalau ada buddy??? Takpe takpe, nanti dah sign up boleh pergi cari buddy.


I am so excited to join the class because from what I heard its better than the average yoga and that after 3 to 4 classes, you can immediately see results. Sigh.

I have a date with Zarina before my class so that I can pass to her my Greek DVD's. Oh my, dah lama gila tak jumpa minah ni okey, it was like ages'll be fun though, sambil sambil minum kopi kat PappaRich....

Oh angan-angan.

As mentioned earlier the weekend will be eventful. There's Ani's convo tomorrow, breakfast with Tina early saturday morning....and maybe its high time I utilise my Estee Lauder free make-over vouchers.

Yeah, maybe its high time.

Anything I'll see you all next week! Mwahhhs!!!!

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shasha said...

have a blast weekend babe~!