Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am Addicted to Olay Game

While everyone else is playing hooky over FB in between multitasking (ehem ehem...hahahah), I have decided to give the newly launched Olay game a go today and boy...I am hooked!

*yeah...I spent the whole afternoon on it, can you imagine that?*

Nasib baik big boss tak sound ke apa..hahahah...kalau tak naya.

The game is basically about Lady Olay's quest for fairness in the city of Paris (oh, yeah, love is definitely in the air) with Olay White Radiance.

*finding fairness! Click here to play! *

It involves a series of games at 6 different location in the City of Amore (mainly the mall, supermarket...the club, oooh that I love!)and as you go on with each game you get to accumulate your top points at each site to come up to the accumulated point for the game.

No worries if you don't get to finish up all locations, you can click and choose where and what you want to play, but the more you play the more points you collect la kan??

So me playing hooky today sum's up to this....

5,169 which is okay la considering my boss keep on checking me every hour.


Anyways, main ni bukan saja-saja.It comes with perks because top scorers get to bag this weekly and monthly prizes....

Point accumulation starts every which I miss 4 days already...damn. But with the prizes in store I won't give up....I will keep on playing....hahahahaah!!!!!

*so balik nanti kena hog my sister's lappy la gamaknya? Me = kakak kejam!*

If you are a Nuffnanger (in which aku tau hampir kesemua blogger babaes aku is in the first place) even better news okay!

Olay is having an exclusive contest for Nuffnangers who take part in their online game. All you need to do is;

1. Play the online game here and take a final screenshot of your score.
2. Write a blog post titled “I’m Addicted to Olay Game” and post the screenshot in the blog post.
3. Tag 5 of your friends in the post and challenge them to beat your score.
4. Send in an email to with the permalink of your blog post.

and in return if you get these....

Grand prize: ½ a year’s supply of Natural White products & RM400 Cash!!
1st runner up: ½ a year’s supply of Natural White products & RM300 Cash!
2nd runner up: ½ a year’s supply of Natural White products & RM200 Cash!!
10 Consolation prizes: 1 full set of Natural White products

Isn't that sweet?????

So apa lagi kawan-kawan????

I am tagging...(hehehehehe!!!)

1. Tina Banana - sebab ko selalu main game kat FB, cubalah ini
2. Peeja
3. Farah foxy
4. Liza
5. Shasha Black Katz - ini pertama kali aku tag ko...sila buat....

and plus another one...

6. MsLVoe - sebab aku rindu kamu!

So babes, contest ends 31st August....sila main sekarang, we have 4 weeks to go!

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