Friday, August 21, 2009

InStlye look of the Day : Sienna Miller

I subscribe to online and they will send me daily feed of the latest in fashion donned by the celebs. Its done more out of fun than curiosity, because without those flyers my inbox will be pretty empty.

*see how modom my life is?*

Anyways, the piccas are fun to look at. At times it gives inspiration and ideas when I go out shopping.

*Like hell yeah it rings the fashion belle in when I see chic finds in a bundle of stuff in some boutique (on sale...hahahah...cheapo!) I can immediately go "Ding! That's in....grab it!" immediately*

Okay, now I'm letting go my fashion secrets out.


As I browse through today's mail I wonder how somebody as sweet like this....

*Sienna Miller donning an ultra short Takoon design, Jimmy Choo sandals and a Bottega clutch....superb, courtesy of*

Can be turned to a bad girl like this....

*the rest of the pics is courtesy of*

*The Baronnes, in GI Joe*

I can't deny the fact that her silhoutte is pretty awesome in the body suit, but then from sweet to nasty....that's two extremes.

But then,that's the wonder of make-up and super fancy costume designers. What's the point of paying them a million bucks if they look exactly the same in real life, kan?

I definitely heart her hair extensions.....

*super lustrous black hair....straight and full of volume and body*

Bila lah aku nak ada rambut (dan badan) sebegitu? It must cost a bomb okay.

I group Sienna as a very lucky person,. because she can carry a lot of hairstyle. She look great in long full hair, sweet in shoulder length blonde and cute in a boycut.

*oh my....can your haie ever go wrong?*

When I cropped my hair short last year it does look chic, but then looking back aku rasa macam tempayan. So that is so not gonna happen till I pass another decade.

*Why a decade? Because the last time I cropped my hair that short last was at school, a decade before the last one. Maybe I'll grow bored of long hair every 10 years or so....that's just a guess la, who knows?*


shasha said...

heheheh....tak kira nak potong pendek gak...aku nak berubah sebagai new person gitu...kuikuikui

Zuraida said...

baik pk baik-baik ok, nanti nak tunggu dia panjang balik menyesal....