Monday, August 10, 2009

Its raining outside and its giving me the blues......

*illustrasi ihsan google*

Its very dark and cloudy outside....maybe its high time that it rains after all the haze and inconsistent weather lately. But then, serious talk aku risau...coz it's going to be 5.30pm soon and kalau hujan mesti Bangsar jam.....

I hate it kalau Bangsar jam....

In between multi-tasking, my head manage to find time to wander what it would be like if I am walking through the rain in places like Manhattan, or maybe Paris, or Milan...

*rasanya ada feeling macam ni tak?*

Hahahahaah! Thats a bit absurd la coming from me, sebab nak jalan kat dalam hujan kat KL ni pun takut. I get sick easily if I got caught in the rain.

*Maybe sebab hujan kat Malaysia ni banyak kuman tak? Omputeh kat negara diorang selamba je jalan tengah ribut taufan tak kisah apa pun*


I also found this....

*fashionista's must have on rainy days*

But then Phua Chu Kang boots? Can I carry that kind of style?

Almaklumlah, fashion PCK kan one of a kind...*giggle*

But then the rest of it is something I can dig. Simple shorts and top (with scarf to keep you warm) and a cardigan on top.

*In which I love!!!! I got hit by the cardigan bug lately since MNG came up with all this juicy cardigans last month. Damn you. Buat aku termimpi-mimpi. Nasib baik azam aku mengunci wallet sangat kuat sempena mega sale tahun ni....kalau tak rasanya ada lah 5 or 6 pairs aku rembat dari MNG saje*

The most important thing is not to forget your umbrella. That I have tonnes. Tapi semua dalam kereta. Nasib baik parking dalam shopping mall, kalau kena meredah hujan anyways won't having them in the car defeats the purpose in the first place?

Because there's less than 5 minutes to 5pm, I wanna wish you all a very good day!!!!

*oh my, dah the end of the day baru nak wish a very good day?*

We still have at least 8 hours to go before midnight kan?(heish, betul tak matematik aku nih?) and of course, we can still do a lot of partying if we want instead of feeling the blues lets have fun and look forward to tomorrow!!!!!


Okay, im ranting pointlessly, better sign off now before I'm certified crayzee.


shasha said...

boots tu dimaafkan babe...pua chu kang punya kaler itamm..ok laaa

Zuraida said...

tapi sanggup ke pakai????

ke pakai kaler merah???

puterikurekure said...

zue, boots merah cantek apa. auumm!!!

kl hujan semalam? bestnyaaa....~