Monday, August 10, 2009

Loosing a friend?

Setelah berabad-abad berkurung dalam umah tak keluar-keluar on weekends (even weekdays), I finally dragged my ass to CB Bangsar for these...
*tasty toast treat, served with coffee and the morning paper*
And of course, with me is Ms Tina Banana yang juga sudah lama tak jadi penunggu CB Bangsar sebab tak de geng nak makan brekkie di sana....

*yeah, sebab kawan dia berkabung....dia pun berkabung sama....hahahaah*

It was a great morning. We went shopping after the scrumptious breakfast and grabbed bargains at Blook!.Muahahahahahaha.....aku turun dress size lagi. Bagus bagus. *smile*

I came back this morning to find a very disturbing email. Sigh. Its sad to know that some of my friends take to heart my silence of late. Some take it as a negative note saying that I don't care of them as a friend, that they are somewhat "not-a-friend" because I don't return calls or pick up the phone.

The thing is.....

.....I don't answer that many call.

......I don't call that many people either.

....whatever people know about whatever happened is based on what I write. Even then I didn't write much. But of course I need to speak to people now and then, but then most of my conversation of late is between me, my mom, my sis and a couple of people I can not avoid (macam Komala yang tak abis-abis ketuk pintu umah aku...heheheh!).


Dia ambik hati coz I forget to mention her in my accolades about the support people gave me ( people who commented on my blog lately) and maybe due to that taken to heart to a point that I shouldnt even be claiming that we are good friend.


I don't know what to say. A friend in need is a friend indeed, but then there's a parity from time to time and at that time I am just in need of a breathing space. I appreciate the concern but then it saddens me to find out that some people are offended because I didn't pour it out.

Its not easy to talk about it. Its so painful I am lost of words. I even lost myself. Kalau tak percaya tanya la si Tina Banana. I am very quiet for weeks...its crayzee.


I am sorry that it had come to this, but then I am not sorry for needing some me time. I believe my true friends would understand that.


me_magic said...

Hey You!
hope u can find ur happy spirit soon.
i like ur writing,, seriously!
Keep it up!

take care =)

shasha said...

susah nak komen bab2 nih...yg penting skang kamu cuma perlu amik masa utk diri sendiri...jaga hati sendiri...yg lain tu nanti2 la dulu...kan...

Zuraida said...

hey you me_magic,
i went to ur blog and its empty??? sila la tulis banyak2 lagi....we can be blogger friends!!!!


*new stuff to read makes me happy, although i dont say much!*

yeah. apa la labu. macam mana plan terjah pasar ramadhan kita??? aku perlukan photog utk tangkap gambar aku membeli belah! hahahaahah! nak sign up?

me_magic said...

i knowwwwwwwwwwwwww...
Eventho punya la byk masa and keinginan,,,then bila dah ready depan laptop...tetiba kemalasan and takde idea dtg,,,

haaaaaaaa canne?

=) but ini serious ni..keep on writing tahuuuuuu! saya sooka!
terima kaseeeehhh.

Sweettooth said...

u know what? u adalah sgt. slim sekarang!!! Serious, babe...keep up the good work ;).

Zuraida said...

Dear me_magic,

okie dokie.....ala benda benda macam tu nanti satu hari nanti datang la ilham nye tu...

Nina Sweettooh dearie,

hahahahaha, masih tergelak with the misunderstanding tadi. Apa da S boleh jadi A?

tetiba terconfuse. Hahahaahah!

shasha said...

hahaha...mesti la jadi..aku sanggup je jadi photographer tak bergaji asalkan kamu bawak aku ke pasar ramadhan tuh....roger2 weyy~