Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Malam yang sunyi

Its another tuesday night in and its really quiet,its scaring me.Part of me wanted to just go out but its a weekday, and I have to be perky(?) to work tomorrow...dan bersemangat...sigh.So here I am at home alone.

Being single sucks.Scratch that.I'm not at my right mind.That can't be right.


I have gone through the dress and hair for tomorrow (oh yeah,bila time macam ni banyak masa la nak go into detail) and I am crossing my fingers that I'll make the perfect Lady Gaga look.Okay la,I may not have blonde hair but its super straight, so I'll just have to work it.

Maybe I should hit the sack early.All the necessary before going to bed regime is done dy.

Night night.


mylife said...

morning dear!

Zuraida said...

selamat tengahari!!!hahahha...so busy la the whole morning!