Friday, August 14, 2009

New Hollywood trend that we can copy to today's look....

Sitting in waiting is not my strong forte, so in between bloghopping here's some eye-candy woth watching style's we can totally copy to our daily wear.

First is the ankle length dark denim...

*spotted - Blake Lively and Cameron Diaz - courtesy of*

The ankle lentgh denim shows of the high heels as well as *ehem ehem* killer legs. Look at how cameron Diaz's equisite heels are showing off.


I also adore Blake Lively blazer top under the simple white tee. Sangat chic. Something I can definitely don on casual days.

Another trend to go along with is to stylishly accessorize.

*okay, don't expect to turn yourself to a christmas tree just yet*

The idea is to select a few strong pieces that can shine a simple wardrobe, such as what is done by Asley Olsen.

*Also courtesy of, see how Ashley turns the same skirt and grey top ensemble to three different look with a balenciaga heel (oh-such-a-killer) an oversized coat and patented tights*

In all three outfits, she looks understated yet stylish.

*so takde la nampak macam christmas tree*

I am so loving my greys lately, as oppsed to the purples and pinks obsession I have been having over the past couple of months. Perhaps my mood is swaying, perhaps it marks the fall entrance that offers darker choices....


Yet, black and white never goes out of style. So kalau nak shop I should match my new greys with blacks and white to keep it neutral and sunny applicable. Besides, we do live in a hot climate. Apa kejadahnya nak pakai baju ala color2 nak pergi funeral kan?



Sweettooth said...

i love greys too. try pairing greys with pink, red, purple chocolate....lawa. tried and tested :).

Zuraida said...

oh i banyak pink and purple....i should try that...