Saturday, August 15, 2009

One fourth towards my Sophie Kinsella new book...

Oh my, I read damn slow lately.


Selalunya by now I'll be almost done dy, considering the fact that I have it with me for two weeks already. Not that the book is not good, its great. Its just me. Asyik menatap tv je lepas balik kerja. Or go to gym.

I should make it a habit to read more during lunch break ke apa.


By the way,the book has some witty remarks that I wish to share with all. Hahahaah. I have marked some pages that have funny remarks on moving on with a broken heart that I think all of you would enjoy reading as well, so hold on your horses okay.

*ntah ntah once dah baca snippets tu korang pun nanti teruja to get the book. LOL*



shasha said...

heh...sama dgn aku laa...skang ni agak2 malas membaca gamaknya...

Zuraida said...