Monday, August 17, 2009

Piccas from Ollie!!!!...and of Boys Like Girls.....

Ollie dearie...thanks love you mucho!!! Hahahahah!

Lama tunggu gambar-gambar nih!

Anyways, I ingat dia nak hantar gambar Boys Like Girls (sajo)...the one that I missed, but then she sent a couple more that will answer the question....

Apa rupanya dress yang aku pakai malam itu???


Here is the upper view of the dress....

Which is pretty straight forward la.....dah nampak depan kan????

*oh, Ollie's the one that's next to me! Raise your hand up to the air girl and say yo!!!!*

The whole thing looks like this....

*u manage to spot me???*


Anyways, despite not being able to meet Boys Like Girls within less than 3 feet, here's a consolation prize....

*oh kiut kan?*

Takpe la...maybe next time.

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