Saturday, August 15, 2009

Premiere to District 9 - thanks to Nuffnang!

Grabbed @ District 9 tix courtesy of Nuffnang and yeah, I took Komala with me.....

We had a great time.

That movie should I put it...interesting. Hahahaahah! I am not a sci fi movie buff but I have to say that in between scenes there's actually quite a number of funny jokes put in that I can't help but laugh and had a great time.

I ahve previewed the movie in an earlier blog post on District if you wanna seek details go search for the entry. Okla...i know you all malas nak dig my archives coz there's too here's the link.

*oh mood baik hati*

Afterwatching the movie I got answers to my own question - "Can human and alien's can ever co-exist?* - and the answer is NO.

Flat out No.


Because we are overbearing and freaking overprotective most of the time and we didn't care to sit down and listen other's people's woes anyways.....let alone an alien.

Sad isn't it?

*Tapi least we did something towards racial integrity. I love the 1Malaysia idea. Hearting it in fact. Maybe when we can understand our species better than we can move on to aliens? who knows? life is a learning process - we do evolve*

The fact that they name the aliens "prawns" is a bit cliche....though they do look like prawns....


Among the scenes that I love and cracked my head with laughter....

1. When Wikus gives a step by step guide on how to abort baby aliens and said "here, take this, you can keep it as a souvenier of your first abortion!"....hehehehehe.....gilo, try to joke on killing babies......

2. When Wikus (now the half breed turning to alien himself) fought the bad guys using alien weaponry and sudennly sambil tembak-tembak high speed sonar thingy tetiba je ada pig melayang terbang langgar pihak musuh.


Ntah dari mana datangnya the little piggy. kesian dia jadi mangsa.

Tapi....ada jugak scene sedih....

Thinking back it saddens me how human greed usually takes advantage of the less fortunate and despicable acts are done just to satisfy unworldly goals.

Tak kisah la dia alien ke, binatang ke....they're breathing living being. Shouldn't be treated like prawns they're less than trash.


Okayla, to fill in spare time. Since I watched it wih Komala I had a great time myself. Kelakar nak mati tengok facial expression dia bila askar-askar kena tembak sampai berkecai.

Hahahahah!Thanks Nuffnang!

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