Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random babble

Pagi tadi bangun tido bersemangat berkobar-kobar nak pergi swimming, just to be greated with heavy thick haze and the weather as dark as Hogwarts kena attack with Dementors, and with the heavy rain earlier today, there goes my "dip in the pool" angan angan.


Maybe I should hit the gym. Hadn't been to one since Sunday. Maybe its a good thing to sweat it out.

I had dinner with my sister last night at Papparich Kopitiam @ Uptown and barely touched my food. Sigh. Heartbreak gila kejam. My sister nag non-stop on how she doesn't like the effect on me but when I told her she can reheat my food for later she smiled and shut-up....

*gila keji. kalau nak makanan aku cakap je la*

and in her absence today, I am going to spend some quality time at home (perhaps) watching my newly acquired chick flick....

Better still if I have a guy to spoon with, but rather than staring at the ceiling, watching chick flicks might take my mind away of things....and give me hope.

Hope....something I need a lot these days.

It scares me over the thought of being a bitter shrew. Please pray that I won't end up as one. Scary. Very scary. Especially those obsessed ones.

Okay, lets not dwell about it.


n i e z a said...

this movie is sooo funny, u'll forget everything else. :)
im no expert in healing broken hearts but cliched as it sounds, what doesnt kill u makes u stronger. and i believe u're a stronger person now. life is short, make it hot! ;)

Zuraida said...

hahahah...i totally agree with the movie being very funny. I really enjoyed it myself. sigh.

thanks for the tip babe. it is very correct that what doesnt break you just make you stronger. don't worry, i bet in no time i'll be painting the town red and someone will drop dead green.