Friday, August 7, 2009

Sinful...yet delicious

Tak sedar diri hari ni friday but then sebab excited that I'll be trying out a class at BeYoga my head is spinning excitedly if yoga can slim me down to this...

*streaming long legs flirtatiously hinting oh-so-sexy*

Nina Sweettooth gave me tons of encouragement,heheheheh, vouching how pilates and yoga had helped her trim a lot of inches these past couple of weeks. Sigh. Suddenly aku teruja sorang-sorang. And since I am bouncing back, now is not a bad time to start...

*mana tau by the time abis puasa dapat abs like this? weehoo.....berangan tak ingat donia*

Anyway, also excited to see chics at BeYoga this weekend (though tak sama class...can say hi! kan?) since we've been twittering a lot lately (hahahaah!so totally made my day!) with farah, peej and alia on a daily its great to finally put a face to two more gentle souls out there who had touched my life through blogging...

*gentle? chics ko gentle ke?hahahahah!*

A lot to look forward to this weekend. There's breakfast with Tina Banana, the wedding expo ad MVEC to cover, as well as karma yoga class at BeYoga and facial at MTM@Starhill on Sunday.

Yeah,old me is coming back!