Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sneak peak to what I am going to wear to Digi Sneak Peek tonight

It was hectic all morning as I try to cut down the pile of work that was mounting on my desk. I started off the morning with a deadline...hopeful that I can finish at least a huge bulk by Friday.

Kenapa Friday? Why not today.

Sebab today I wanna party!!!!!


Thanks to Nuffnang my usually very quiet weekday is now filled with activity, and tonight, I am heading for the Digi Sneak Peek pre launch party at Laundry Bar @ 6.30pm and the premiere of District 9 at Cathay Cineplex @ 9pm.

Excited? Mesti.

Now I have every reason to flaunt the LBD I grabbed at Blook! last weekend with Tina Banana. And the theme tonight is to dress up as Justin Timberlake and Lady the make-up nanti harusla pakai eyeliner tebal as well as fake eyelashes.


Anyways,coz I haven't snapped a single photo of me in my new LBD (smile) so here's an idea of what the dress looks like...

*oh yeah, sangat Blake Lively*

Tapi the neckline takde la sampai bawah sangat macam tu.....nak mati?

Am taking Komala with me tonight to the premiere, lama gila seh tak jumpa dia, me miss her mucho already.

I'll definitely be having fun tonight. Hope you guys have a great Wednesday too!


~LIZA~ said...

seriously aku tak sabar nak tgk ko in ur new LBD!!

f.i.e.z.a said...

nak tgk!!

sure u'll look stunning kak zue! =)