Friday, August 28, 2009

They Had Fun With the Giant Mug Too!!!

Dear Spin Me Silly,

Had you not left a comment, I wouldn't know that there's an FB page dedicated to the Giant Mug. It was fun glancing through the piccas but too bad, my pics are not I am a bit sad.


And since I have absolutely no idea on what to blog about at the moment, so here it goes....a shout (scream!!!) you requested!

For the rest who are totally clueless of what I am talking about.....have a look at this!

There's a Giant Tankard left standing in the open air Centre Court at Cineleisure and they are looking for the best pose with the Giant mug to win an Olympus Pen!

Aku yang excited and ingat sape la yang berani tangkap gambar dengan benda ni anyway gave it a go and posted mine here.


Ramai lagi rupanya yang mencuba nasib!!!! Hahahaahah!!! Some of my favourite piccas are....

*okay, the pics are courtesy of access click here*

*hot ladies with a cuppa!!!!freaking smoking!!!*

*apa motif jelir lidah itu?*

*he did climb all the way on top of the tankard okay!*

*group of mesti ofismates*

There's over 50 photos (too bad none is mine) which are fun to look go check out the FB page! More info in it as well.

To those interested to join the contest, the tankard will be there till Monday, 31st August (kan?) and masih belum terlambat y'all...bring out the SLRs and start camwhoring!!!! Dah tangkap piccas tu jangan lupa hantar pulak! Kalau tak hantar camno nak menang iyo? If you miss it...then kena pi Penang, coz it'll only be at Gurney Plaza till end Sept! So orang KL...sila hujani Curve this holidays y'all!


If we don't get to win the Olympus Pen pun takpe....the consolation prizes pun best jugak.

Apa dia?

Here it goes.....

Consolation Prizes
Olympus µ Tough 6000 x 1 Prize
Olympus µ 550 WP x 1 Prize
Modern Tankard & 4 School of Hard Knocks vouchers x 3 prizes

Not bad aite?

Tunggu apa lagi....


~LIZA~ said...

see i told ya! ko patot panjat sampai ke atas. hahahahahahaha!

Spin Me Silly! said...

LOL! Tak sangka you create satu entry for this! Hahaha, thanks babe! Who knows, you might just see your photo uploaded on FB the next few days (am not in charge of all the uploading, so can't help you there).

Thanks again! :)

Ps: Send as many as you can, who knows you might just be the lucky winner! ;)

Zuraida said...

aku masih paranoid kalau terjatuh...

Spin Me Silly dearie,
ni event company you ye???

Spin Me Silly! said...

Yup yup, marketing campaign from 27 July hari tu. First stop was at Pavilion.

Zuraida said...

oo la la...mesti selalu dapat freebies kan?

wanyway, kalau ada anything interesting do buzz me!